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2022 Teen Award Winners

Teen Hall of Fame

Ohio 4-H Teen of the Year


Hall of Fame 

2022 Inductees

Sponsored by Mr. Tim and Mrs. Karen Corcoran

Teen of the Year matthew holding award

Matthew Swearingen, Adams County -
A young man who is respected by his peers, Matthew has set a high standard for his commitment to learning by doing, leading by example, and being inclusive to all. His leadership, mentorship, and service is recognized in Adams County, Ohio, and nationwide. Matthew was on the youth leadership team for the National 4-H Conference, nominated to the Ohio Attorney General’s Teen Advisory Board, and was secretary for the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council. He is committed, detail-oriented, and attentive. Matthew’s dedication to the
4-H program, his eagerness to experience every opportunity, and his willingness to share his story with other 4-Hers make him a highly deserving Ohio 4-H Teen of the Year!

Teen Hall of Fame elziabeth

Elizabeth Fannin, Jackson County - 
As a champion for 4-H, Elizabeth is an outstanding young lady who holds herself to high standards and gives one hundred percent to all she does. Her contributions to the Jackson County 4-H program, including her project work, teen leadership, and as the Jackson County Fair Queen made a significant impact. Elizabeth is outgoing, compassionate, and well-spoken. She lights up when she is working with children and is an excellent role model for younger 4-H members. Her strong will and dedication comes through in all aspects of her work. She shares ideas freely and dedicates the time and effort needed to achieve results. Elizabeth lives the 4-H motto of “making the best better” each and every year.


Teen Hall of Fame avalon holding award Avalon Havan, Pickaway County -
A dedicated Ohio 4-H member who has continued to learn and grow through her 4-H career, Avalon’s project interests range from healthy living, to communication to creative arts. She uses her strengths and skills to give back to 4-H in a variety of ways. She has served as a Health Hero, a Teen Leadership Council member, and a teen representative to the Ohio 4-H Foundation. When Avalon’s name is associated with a project, it is certain the program will be completed to the best of her ability. She is a team leader who shares her energy and a caring demeanor with all. Her efforts in Pickaway County 4-H and Ohio 4-H are recognized by the many youth, volunteers, and adults who have worked with her over the years.
Teen Hall of Fame sara holding award Sara Newsome, Highland County -
As president of the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council, Sara focuses her efforts on providing leadership to other teen 4-H members. She developed programs for peer-led training and has influenced the positive presence Ohio 4-H teens have throughout the state and country. Sara has a can-do attitude that sparks enthusiasm and involvement among others. Her detailed organizational skills and professionalism serve as a great role model for those around her. As a teen representative on the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board, she advocates for all Ohio 4-H members. Ohio 4-H is better thanks to Sara’s enthusiasm, drive, and leadership.
Teen Hall of Fame meredith holding award Meredith Robinson, Ross County -
By bringing the 4-H pledge to life, Meredith has empowered both herself and others. In pursuing project work, camp, and Junior Fair Board with her whole heart, Meredith uses her head to develop goals and inspire confidence, inclusivity, and leadership. She uses her hands in service as a camp counselor, CARTEENS member, on the 4-H Advisory Committee and Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council. Meredith has championed personal wellness by promoting mental health and self-care, while finding balance between 4-H and other activities. She works to make the best, better by encouraging others to engage and succeed.


Nominations for the 2023 Ohio 4-H Teen of the Year and Hall of Fame will open in the fall! Nomination forms  will be due by December 1, 2022. If deemed necessary, an interview process may be held for finalists.



Paper Application

Online Application

Teen of the Year Honors one outstanding teen that has had great accomplishments in the past year. This award was created to honor a select individual for their performance, dedication, and passion for the 4-H program.  Nominee must be between the ages of 13 and 18 as of January 1 the year they are nominated. Word | Fillable PDF  
Teen Hall of Fame Induction into the Teen Hall of Fame is meant to be thought as a very high honor for youth who are selected. It is meant to honor those who have dedicated it all to make the best better in their club, community, country, and world. Nominee must be between the ages of 15 and 18 as of January 1 the year they are nominated. Word | Fillable PDF