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2018 Teen Award Winners

Hall of Fame

2018 Inductees

Sponsored by Mr. Tim and Mrs. Karen Corcoran and the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board.

Noor Alshafie, Franklin County-

"Noor Alshafie has proven that 4-H can truly offer every opportunity that one seeks to discover. From her early beginnings as a 4-H member exploring new projects and participating in demonstrations, she grew into a determined and well-respected youth leader in Ohio 4-H. Noor's work ethic is reflected in her countless accomplishments at local, state, and national levels. She has been a selfless leader, participating in and organizing service projects to benefit others. Noor consistently strives to make 4-H an inclusive environment for all, and she can be found with a welcoming smile at many events.  These positive traits reflect Noor's desire to help others whenever she can, and she leads by example in her roles as a youth leader.  Her involvement in local, state, and national 4-H programming, including being a selected member of the inaugural National 4-H Youth Advisory Council, is worthy of Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame honors."

Spencer Bauman, Adams County-

"Spencer is the epitome of what 4-H can be. He has fully embraced all that the program has to offer and has achieved great things. Spencer's theory is you need to try a little of everything, and he has done just that. He has undertaken and succeeded in many project areas, served in a number of leadership and mentor roles, and traveled around the state and country during his 4-H career, and he's not finished yet!  Spencer's passion for 4-H has transformed him from a shy, soft-spoken youth to an engaged, involved young adult who is able to share his experiences with others, encouraging them to be their best selves. He has truly strived to make the best better through his many and varied endeavors in the 4-H program."

Carson Fulks, Franklin County-

"Carson Fulks is a dynamic and motivated young leader, who not only has found success through 4-H, but he assists others in reaching a path of achievement. His accomplishments as an Ohio 4-H member are worthy of being in the Teen Hall of Fame. Through his involvement in team settings, such as camp counselors, Junior Fair Board, Teen Leadership Council, and CARTEENS facilitation, Carson takes the lead when action is needed and assists others in being successful. He recognizes the team effort it takes to accomplish tasks. A self-motivated and committed individual, he is attentive to details when work needs to be completed. Carson seeks to be inclusive in his nature of being a leader in 4-H, as he encourages new ideas and bridges the connections of 4-H members in other states."

Kaytlyn Graver, Wyandot County-

"We each have a person who pops into our heads when we think of 4-H. For me, and many others in Wyandot County, that person is Kaytlyn Graver. Kaytlyn is a product of what 4-H can offer young leaders from around the state and county. She is a perfect example of someone who cares so passionately about empowering others around her with education and support that she gives of herself in every way possible. Eternally optimistic, Kaytlyn is not one to stop giving or to settle with anything less than the best. She is a shining example of youth leadership and someone Wyandot County is proud to call their own."


Teen Of the Year

2018 Honoree

Sponsored by Mr. Tim and Mrs. Karen Corcoran and the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board.

Molly Hunt, Darke County-

"During her past few years as a 4-H member, Molly has proven herself to be an outstanding role model for younger youth. She has learned from personal experiences and has used that knowledge to strive to be a better person. Molly has played a role in helping to develop county 4-H programs that empower young females and she has taken an active role in community service within the county and state. Her passion and dedication to the 4-H program is well-known. She is the first to volunteer with any county 4-H program or activity. Molly exemplifies what it means when we say #4hgrowshere and #true leaders."