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2020 Teen Award Winners


On December 1, we recognized these outstanding teens at the 2020 Ohio 4-H Awards Recognition Event. This virtual event can be viewed above. Congratulations to these five individuals!

Hall of Fame

2020 Inductees

Sponsored by Mr. Tim and Mrs. Karen Corcoran.

While we were not able to properly celebrate these honorees at the Ohio 4-H Conference in March of 2020, they are deserving recipients of their Hall of Fame accolades. Please join Ohio 4-H in celebrating our 2020 Hall of Fame Teen Inductees.

brooke fleshman smiling headshot

Brooke Fleshman, Franklin County -

Commitment, motivation and determinationare the attributes that Brooke Fleshman brings to all her 4-H activities. Whether it is a community service project that she is determined to make happen or preparing for camp, she just gets it done. Brookeis a great role model for members in her club and throughout the state with a reputation as someone who takes action when it is needed and makes 4-H better for it.

kayla kramer smiling headshot

Kayla Kramer, Delaware County -

Participation at Ohio 4-H Leadership Camp sparkedKayla Kramer’s interest in broadening her 4-H experience. She serveson the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board and Teen Leadership Council, gaining respect from her peers, staff and volunteers for her efforts. Kayla’sskill in creating 4-H promotional materials used throughout the state has resulted in positive recognition of programs and lasting impact of her leadership abilities.

trevor minyo on chair smiling

Trevor Minyo, Fayette County -

When you inspire those around you to “make the best better” through words and actions like Trevor Minyo, you leave a lasting impression of trust, dependability, commitment and friendship. He helps others go beyond their comfort zone to improve themselvesandlends a helping hand whenever it is needed. He is nostranger to hard work, with determination at the foundationof his success. Trevor exemplifies how youth will change the world, one project and interaction at a time.

laura wood smiling headshot

Laura Wood, Brown County -

A selfless leaderwhose efforts make a positive impact describe the lasting impression Laura Wood has made on Brown County 4-H youth.She is generous in sharing her knowledge and giving her time to help younger members succeed. Laura recognizes what is needed and works to find solutions. As chair of the Brown County B-Fit Committee, she wrote grants to fund her innovative idea of a mile-long walk each morning at the county fair to promote healthy living.


Teen Of the Year

2020 Honoree

Sponsored by Mr. Tim and Mrs. Karen Corcoran.

While we were not able to properly celebrate this honoree at the Ohio 4-H Conference in March of 2020, she is a deserving recipient of her Teen of the Year accolades. Please join Ohio 4-H in celebrating our 2020 Teen of the Year.

 emmy beck-aden smiling headshot   

Emmy Beck-Aden, Athens County -

Eleven years of success and achievement mark the 4-H career of Emmy Beck-Aden. As a leader on the Teen Leadership Council she held a variety of offices, including president and junior advisor. She added a youth voice as a trustee on the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board and will serve as a facilitator at the 2020 National 4-H Conference. Emmy combined her love of 4-H with her passion for filmmaking, earning national recognition for her award-winning films,which also serve as dynamic marketing tools for 4-H.