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Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame

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2024 Inductees

Sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Nelson Thomas, and Bob Evans Restaurants

Teen of the Year Emily Scaff

Emily Scaff, Scioto County - 

Emily Scaff has embodied the 4-H Motto, “To Make the Best Better” in her last year of the Ohio 4-H Program. In 2023, she finished out her 4-H career with another Clock Trophy and Outstanding of the Day for her project work at the Ohio State Fair; as the President and then Junior Advisor of the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council; a delegate to National 4-H Conference and the National 4-H True Leaders in Equity Institute; a member of a national curriculum design team; and Secretary of the Ohio State Junior Fair Board. Moreover, she has been a mentor and positive role model to up-and-coming 4-H members.


Teen Hall of Fame   Travis Allen

Travis Allen, Licking County - 

Travis Allen is a shining example of the Ohio 4-H Mission: Empowering young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. Travis has a love for the 4-H program through which he has developed confidence, empathy, leadership, compassion, and a genuine interest in helping others. He serves as a role model as a camp counselor, Junior Fair Board President of the Hartford Fair, and member of the National 4-H Conference Youth Leadership Team. Travis represents all that 4-H has to offer, and in the future, he will surely continue to represent head, heart, hands, and health in all that he does.


Teen Hall of Fame   Aubrey Barger

Aubrey Barger, Licking County -

Aubrey Barger is a mature, kind, dedicated young lady who has developed a passion for 4-H and all that it has to offer. She loves project work, volunteering her time to support a common cause, using her time and talents to help others, and took advantage of opportunities to further develop her skills through the Junior Fair Board, State Camps, and Teen Leadership Council. She is a leader, follower, encourager, cheerleader, teacher, and thoughtful friend to all. Aubrey is committed to educating others about 4-H opportunities and encouraging them to participate.

Teen Hall of Fame   Sydney Hamilton

Sydney Hamilton, Highland County -

Sydney is an exceptional, well-rounded young adult because of the 4-H program. Sydney can look at and address community and national needs, is always willing to help, and encourages members to become more involved. Sydney grows each year by stepping up at all levels of 4-H. She has grown in her ability to lead and is an excellent role model for all 4-H members through her participation in various activities such as Teen Leadership Council, fair royalty, 4-H committee youth representative, and statewide camps. Sydney is a one-of-a-kind camp counselor, mentor, and leader.

Teen Hall of Fame   Madilyn Lawson Madilyn Lawson, Huron County -

Madilyn advocates for the Ohio 4-H program in her club, community, state, and at the national level. Her enthusiasm and passion exude in all that she does. Madilyn has taken advantage of every opportunity presented to her such as camp counseling, county junior fair board, fair queen, Teen Leadership Council, and attending statewide camps. In each opportunity, she is professional, shares her experience, thanks those who made it possible, and encourages her peers toward these positive experiences themselves. She makes it her personal mission to educate and advocate for  4-H.




Sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Nelson Thomas, Bob Evans Restaurants, and Mr. Jim and Mrs. Marlene Helt.

Teen of the Year Sara Newsome with glass "Teen of the Year" Award

Sara Newsome, Highland County - 

As a teen who is always ready and willing to help when needed, Sara has been an active member in Highland County, in Ohio and with national 4-H programs. She served as Junior Fair Board president in Highland County and at the Ohio State Fair.  Her presentation on health issues at the National 4-H Conference led to a meeting with at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. She serves as a junior advisor for the Teen Leadership Council and is active with Collegiate 4-H at Ohio State. Sara’s talent as a team player and her leadership abilities make her an excellent role model for all 4-H’ers.

Teen Hall of Fame Addy Kendle with Glass "Teen Hall of Fame" Award

Addy Kendle, Tuscarawas County - 

Being a confident and well-versed public speaker has meant Addy has used her talents to promote 4-H in Tuscarawas County. As a leader and mentor, she has served as a camp counselor, junior fair board member, the county Lamb and Wool Queen, and on the 4-H Food and Fashion Board. She was one of the first 4-H members to participate in the Quilts of Valor program, which involved creating and donating quilts to veterans. Addy’s calendar is full of 4-H activities and commitments, and she exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding 4-H member.

Teen Hall of Fame Melina Matics with Glass "Teen Hall of Fame" Award

Melina Matics, Washington County -

Ten years ago, Melina took her first 4-H project, and those efforts grew to more than 36 projects, with 28 qualifying for the Ohio State Fair, resulting in 8 clock trophies. Her service includes participating as a club officer, camp counselor in Washington County and at State Leadership Camp, junior fair board member, Carteens instructor, and as a member of the Ohio 4-H Foundation. She attended the National 4-H Conference and Congress and was the featured entertainer at the National Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Melina helps others be the best they can be by helping them to get involved.


Teen Hall of Fame Adrianna Meyer with Glass "Teen Hall of Fame" Award

Adrianna Meyer, Henry County -

With her infectious excitement and passion for 4-H, Adrianna brings new ideas and awareness to 4-H programs. She elevated the Henry County Junior Leadership Club to new heights with her leadership as president by setting goals and priorities. She led a community Easter egg hunt, served as her county’s fair queen, was on the Ohio State Junior Fair Board, and on Teen Leadership Council. Adrianna’s positive personality has introduced new ideas locally and at the state, and both youth and adults find her a joy to be around.

Teen Hall of Fame Emily Scaff with Glass "Teen Hall of Fame" Award Emily Scaff, Scioto County -

Scioto County has benefitted from Emily’s leadership and commitment. Her reorganization of the Junior Fair Board led to goal setting and meetings that run more efficiently. She has been instrumental in helping her county program plan and implement programs for new members and Cloverbuds. On the Teen Leadership Council her leadership and coordination of professional development has led to the personal and collective growth of members. She leads by example and is well-respected by her peers and the adults with whom she works.



2022 Inductees

Sponsored by Mr. Tim and Mrs. Karen Corcoran

Teen of the Year matthew holding award

Matthew Swearingen, Adams County -
A young man who is respected by his peers, Matthew has set a high standard for his commitment to learning by doing, leading by example, and being inclusive to all. His leadership, mentorship, and service is recognized in Adams County, Ohio, and nationwide. Matthew was on the youth leadership team for the National 4-H Conference, nominated to the Ohio Attorney General’s Teen Advisory Board, and was secretary for the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council. He is committed, detail-oriented, and attentive. Matthew’s dedication to the
4-H program, his eagerness to experience every opportunity, and his willingness to share his story with other 4-Hers make him a highly deserving Ohio 4-H Teen of the Year!  

Teen Hall of Fame elziabeth

Elizabeth Fannin, Jackson County - 
As a champion for 4-H, Elizabeth is an outstanding young lady who holds herself to high standards and gives one hundred percent to all she does. Her contributions to the Jackson County 4-H program, including her project work, teen leadership, and as the Jackson County Fair Queen made a significant impact. Elizabeth is outgoing, compassionate, and well-spoken. She lights up when she is working with children and is an excellent role model for younger 4-H members. Her strong will and dedication comes through in all aspects of her work. She shares ideas freely and dedicates the time and effort needed to achieve results. Elizabeth lives the 4-H motto of “making the best better” each and every year.


Teen Hall of Fame avalon holding award Avalon Havan, Pickaway County -
A dedicated Ohio 4-H member who has continued to learn and grow through her 4-H career, Avalon’s project interests range from healthy living, to communication to creative arts. She uses her strengths and skills to give back to 4-H in a variety of ways. She has served as a Health Hero, a Teen Leadership Council member, and a teen representative to the Ohio 4-H Foundation. When Avalon’s name is associated with a project, it is certain the program will be completed to the best of her ability. She is a team leader who shares her energy and a caring demeanor with all. Her efforts in Pickaway County 4-H and Ohio 4-H are recognized by the many youth, volunteers, and adults who have worked with her over the years.
Teen Hall of Fame sara holding award Sara Newsome, Highland County -
As president of the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council, Sara focuses her efforts on providing leadership to other teen 4-H members. She developed programs for peer-led training and has influenced the positive presence Ohio 4-H teens have throughout the state and country. Sara has a can-do attitude that sparks enthusiasm and involvement among others. Her detailed organizational skills and professionalism serve as a great role model for those around her. As a teen representative on the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board, she advocates for all Ohio 4-H members. Ohio 4-H is better thanks to Sara’s enthusiasm, drive, and leadership.
Teen Hall of Fame meredith holding award Meredith Robinson, Ross County -
By bringing the 4-H pledge to life, Meredith has empowered both herself and others. In pursuing project work, camp, and Junior Fair Board with her whole heart, Meredith uses her head to develop goals and inspire confidence, inclusivity, and leadership. She uses her hands in service as a camp counselor, CARTEENS member, on the 4-H Advisory Committee and Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council. Meredith has championed personal wellness by promoting mental health and self-care, while finding balance between 4-H and other activities. She works to make the best, better by encouraging others to engage and succeed.

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2021 Inductees

Sponsored by Mr. Don and Mrs. Jane Schriver

Teen of the Year female winner smiling in professional headshot

Haven Hileman, Scioto County -
This year Haven Hileman stepped up to the challenge of helping her club, community, county and state tackle the obstacles they faced. She led a virtual Easter egg hunt for children in her community, collected activity bags to donate to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, coordinated a countywide 4-H club Christmas card drive for local nursing homes and taught virtual lessons and activities, used for a ag adventure day and project clinic. She has sought out events and activities to help her learn and grow through the years. Her wide variety of projects and recognition is a testament to her drive, determination and desire to improve her knowledge and understanding, all while making her community, country and world better.

Teen Hall of Fame award winner similing

Grace Collins, Hardin County -
Grace has excelled at clothing and textiles projects and served on the Ohio 4-H Fashion Board.  She is a member of Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council, serves on the Hardin County Junior Fair Board, and is a 4-H Camp Counselor. Grace has impacted hundreds of younger 4-H members through these leadership roles.  She has a natural ability to lead through action, teaching others along the way. From helping younger members with their sewing projects to teaching her club to make blankets for local nursing homes, Grace has taken the skills learned through her projects and translated them to meaningful community service. She is an excellent 4-H mentor, member, leader, and friend.

Teen Hall of Fame award winner smiling

Maria Lonneman, Portage County -
Maria’s achievements in her 4-H career are inspiring as she always strives to make the best better. She created the Heavy Hugs Weighted Blanket project to encourage other 4-H youth to participate in sewing projects and empower them to give back to their community. When her blanket program was put on hold she switched to making face masks for the community. She is a true leader and role model to youth and adults alike through her dedication and love of all things 4-H. She is always looking to encourage others to get involved because she knows firsthand what a life changing experience 4-H has been for her. Not only does Maria strive to do as much as she can in 4-H, she is always positive and has a smile on her face.

Teen Hall of Fame award winner smiling in professional headshot

Madelyn Smith, Franklin County -
Madelyn is a natural born leader. She is someone who takes action when it is needed and as a result, has a taken on roles in the county, state, and national 4-H organization. She has impacted the lives of others as a Health Hero. She is always the first to volunteer to help with an event and always willing to participate in activities. Her motivation and determination to make things happen is just as important as her willingness to help those around her be successful, whether it is a service project or just preparing for camp. Madelyn always goes the extra mile and makes every interaction with others personal, ensuring everyone is welcome and able to achieve their goals.

Teen Hall of Fame male award winner smiling

Matthew Swearingen, Adams County -
Matthew has become a true leader, both in his community and statewide, through the 4-H program.  His personal growth and leadership development since attending the Leadership Washington Focus program has been profound. He is committed, detailed-oriented, and attentive. He is respected among his peers for his commitment to learning by doing, leading by example, and being inclusive of all. He has set an example of leadership, mentorship, and service in Adams County and nationwide through his experiences and pursuits. Matthew’s dedication to the 4-H program, his eagerness to experience every opportunity, and his willingness to share his story with other 4-Hers makes him a true Ohio 4-H Hall of Famer!

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2020 Inductees

Sponsored by Mr. Tim and Mrs. Karen Corcoran

Teen of the Year emmy beck-aden smiling headshot

Emmy Beck-Aden, Athens County -
Eleven years of success and achievement mark the 4-H career of Emmy Beck-Aden. As a leader on the Teen Leadership Council she held a variety of offices, including president and junior advisor. She added a youth voice as a trustee on the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board and will serve as a facilitator at the 2020 National 4-H Conference. Emmy combined her love of 4-H with her passion for filmmaking, earning national recognition for her award-winning films,which also serve as dynamic marketing tools for 4-H.

Teen Hall of Fame brooke fleshman smiling headshot

Brooke Fleshman, Franklin County -
Commitment, motivation and determination are the attributes that Brooke Fleshman brings to all her 4-H activities. Whether it is a community service project that she is determined to make happen or preparing for camp, she just gets it done. Brookeis a great role model for members in her club and throughout the state with a reputation as someone who takes action when it is needed and makes 4-H better for it.

Teen Hall of Fame kayla kramer smiling headshot

Kayla Kramer, Delaware County -
Participation at Ohio 4-H Leadership Camp sparked Kayla Kramer’s interest in broadening her 4-H experience. She serveson the Ohio 4-H Foundation Board and Teen Leadership Council, gaining respect from her peers, staff and volunteers for her efforts. Kayla’s skill in creating 4-H promotional materials used throughout the state has resulted in positive recognition of programs and lasting impact of her leadership abilities.

Teen Hall of Fame trevor minyo on chair smiling

Trevor Minyo, Fayette County -
When you inspire those around you to “make the best better” through words and actions like Trevor Minyo, you leave a lasting impression of trust, dependability, commitment and friendship. He helps others go beyond their comfort zone to improve themselves and lends a helping hand whenever it is needed. He is no stranger to hard work, with determination at the foundation of his success. Trevor exemplifies how youth will change the world, one project and interaction at a time.

Teen Hall of Fame laura wood smiling headshot

Laura Wood, Brown County -
A selfless leader whose efforts make a positive impact describe the lasting impression Laura Wood has made on Brown County 4-H youth.She is generous in sharing her knowledge and giving her time to help younger members succeed. Laura recognizes what is needed and works to find solutions. As chair of the Brown County B-Fit Committee, she wrote grants to fund her innovative idea of a mile-long walk each morning at the county fair to promote healthy living.

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