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10-Minute Science

Welcome to 10-Minute Science!

Totally Thrilling Science Comic Book OUT OF STOCK

These ten 10-minute, hands-on science activities guarantee fun at club meetings and other gatherings. Presented in a vintage comic book format, the activities are engaging, easy to implement, and appropriate for all ages. Click HERE to preview. 

Printable Activity Patterns

Dinosaurs Alive Velociraptor Puzzle Pieces
Learn to Fly Kite Pattern

More 10-Minute Science

Roller Coaster Challenge
Lifting Water
Exploding Coke
Lather Up!
Puff Power
Helpful Hydrogels
Spinning Soda Can
Rockets Away
Why is Nesquik so Quick?
Cartesian Ketchup Diver
Let's Recycle the Recycling Symbol
Stepping Through Paper
Grape Jelly Cocktail Sauce 
World's BEST Chocolate Minute Cake
Outrun Gravity 
Reaction Time
Quick Queso Blanco