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Dog Achievement Program

Our Mission

To offer a 4-H dog project that encourages youth to accomplish personal
goals and master life skills with their dogs, without competing against other 4-H dog
project members.

Getting Started

This webpage provides all the materials you need to participate in the Dog Achievement Program (DAP) project.  Begin by downloading the documents below!  

DAP General Information


DAP Categories

The development of the 4-H Dog Achievement Program was funded through a grant from The Ohio 4-H Foundation.

The DAP Categories (see links below) contain the topics and activities for you to complete to earn your certificates and ultimately a pin. You can begin by choosing categories and topics within those categories. 

If you have never taken a dog project before, you must choose and complete the required activities to earn the certificates in My Dog and Me and Basic Training categories first.   

My Dog and Me

Learn information about dogs, dog care and welfare, and your own dog

Basic Training

Learn fundamental skills needed to train dogs (Additional Appendix Resources are included in this file)

After earning the above certifications you can continue to select from the additional DAP categories below as they interest you (in no particular order).


Commit to be Fit

Apply exercise and fitness activities to create healthy lifestyles

Health and Safety

Learn about general health, wellness and safety in caring for your dog

Public with Your Pup

Learn community service and service learning

Careers and Canines

Learn about dog-related opportunities, business skills and careers

Portions for Your Pup

Learn the importance of proper nutrition for healthy lifestyles

Create and Relate

Use your creativity to explore the world of dogs

Science Unleashed

Learn STEM-related dog applications

Develop with Your Dog

Explore canine opportunities for 4-H and beyond

2017 Updates

January 2017 - Print out pages to update your book.

November 2017 - Appendix page number references removed throughout. Change to page 15, print to update your book.