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Welcome to Ohio 4-H PetPALS

Cooper and Milo

People and Animals Linking Successfully!

4-H PetPALS is a program of Ohio State University Extension, 4-H Youth Development. 4-H PetPALS is a leader-directed, experientially based, intergenerational program linking young people and their pets with senior adults. The program utilizes the natural bond between youth and animals to promote positive youth development. Youth gain a greater appreciation for their pets, and experience compassion and caring for senior citizens through the 4-H PetPALS program.

(Ohio 4-H PetPALS Visits must be virtual or social distanced, wearing masks, according to Ohio 4-H and facility protocol until further notice. 01/01/2021)
Our Online Purpose

We provide visual aids to leaders and youth, as a supplement to our curriculum. Our curriculum provides very well written step-by-step descriptions for animal behavior and communicaion, and well written step-by-step instructions for testing pets. Additional photographs and videos are provided online in greater depth.

Current Contact Information:
Bridget Moore, 4-H Educator, Athens County