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Healthy Living Curriculum

Ohio 4-H strives to produce materials and curricula to benefit 4-H professionals, volunteers, and youth. Below is curricula that has been created, reviewed, and produced in partnership with the Ohio 4-H Healthy Living Design Team. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Justin Bower (

Emotional Wellness Lessons

An emotional wellness task force was formed to create 15+ lessons on social and emotional wellness following the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework. You can read more about the CASEL framework here

Lesson Plans

Attitude of Gratitude

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Worksheet

Daily Feelings Check Get to Know Me!
Give Thanks! Quilting Connections
Self-affirmation Board

Snapshot Me

Squeeze Your Stress Away Stress- Body Scan
Stress - Deep Breath Stress - Journal
The Opinion Game Thought Bubble
Who is in Your Corner  



Coping with COVID: 10 Lesson Plans on Mental, Emotional, and Social Health

This set of lesson plans is intended on helping to debrief on the impact of the COVID pandemic on youth. Below is a document listing all items in the curriculum and a brief description of each lesson. You can request lesson plans from Coping with COVID  through the Qualtrics survey at the link below. After responding to a few questions and identifying your interest, the lesson(s) you indicate will be emailed directly to you.

Coping with COVID Curriculum Overview

Request the Curriculum

Emotional Intelligence Training Resources 



Lesson Index

Lessons and Associated Handouts

Relationship Management

Relationship Management: Identifying Feelings

Relationship Management: Working with Others


Self-Awareness: Emotional Intelligence Decision Tree


Self-Management: Reactions Matter

Self-Management: Being Aware of Feelings

Social Awareness

Social Awareness: Do the Eyes See What the Ears Hear?

Participant Evaluation (to be printed) OR submit online

Facilitator Evaluation (to be printed) OR submit online

4-H Cutting Board Challenge

The 4-H Cutting Board Challenge is designed to give youth a hands-on experience related to food preparation, food safety procedures, and an opportunity for team building and critical thinking.  The teams are evaluated on their food preparation process and final product.