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Teen Leadership 20

Teen Leadership 20 Curriculum Overview

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1.0 Index (2016)
2.0 Index (2017)

All 2016 Lessons

All 2017 Lessons

**Note: All Teen Leadership 20 Curriculum has been double blind peer-reviewed by National and In-State reviewers.
Acing the Interview (2016) Lesson

Action Words for Resumes (2016) Lesson

Breaking Down Goals (2017) Lesson

Career Exploration (2017) Lesson

Cell Phone Etiquette at Meetings (2017) Lesson

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving (2017) Lesson

Citizenship Basics (2016) Lesson

Community Service (2016) Lesson

Cooperative Communication (2016) Lesson
Dealing with Conflict (2016) Lesson

Decision Making (2017) Lesson
Defining Yourself as a Leader (2016) Lesson

Dressing for Success (2016) Lesson

Everyday Super Hero (2017) Lesson

Future Financial Well-Being (2017) Lesson

Getting Started on a Resume (2017) Lesson

Giving a Proper Handshake (2016) Lesson

Inclusion of all Youth (2016) Lesson

Initiative (2016) Lesson

Introducing a Guest (2017) Lesson

Juggling Life: Learn to say No (2017) Lesson

Knowing Your Emotions (2017) Lesson

Leading an Effective Meeting (2017) Lesson

Making a Good Impression (2017) Lesson

Making 4-H Work for You Part 1 (2017) Lesson

Making 4-H Work for You Part 2 (2017) Lesson

Mindfulness: Breathe Deeply (2017) Lesson

Nonverbal Communication (2017) Lesson

Older 4-H Youth Opportunities (2016) Lesson

Proper Dining Etiquette (2016) Lesson
Public Speaking (2016) Lesson

Record Keeping (2016) Lesson
Skills for Success (2016) Lesson

Stress Reduction (2016) Lesson

Teen Led 4-H Promotion (2017) Lesson

The Benefits of Service (2017) Lesson

Time Management for Teens (2016) Lesson

Time Management for Teens Part 2 (2017) Lesson

Your Personal Brand (2016) Lesson

Youth on Boards and Committees (2016) Lesson

What's Your Personality? (2017) Lesson