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Frequently Asked Questions


Have the kits been revised?  Select components have been included or revised (Sheep Supplemental Module Set, Parts of a Dog Poster Set, and Beef Skeleton Poster Set, listed below). The Goat Learning Lab Kit (2021) includes new information on meat goats (anatomy and meat cuts). Other kit additions are planned for the future.

Are the Learning Lab Kits available from any other source?  No – we are the sole source provider of the Learning Lab Kit products.

Is the information on the CDs the same as the information in the kits?  Each Learning Lab Kit CD is a complete kit in electronic format. Although some of the images may vary, the information is the same and presented through study/test modules. Please note: you cannot print images or text from the CD modules. For use with PC operating systems ONLY (Windows 95 through Windows 10).

Is the Beef Skeleton Poster Set included in the Beef Learning Lab Kit?  This poster set was updated in the newest version of the Beef Learning Lab Kit, from 2018. All of the current kits available on the store contain this set. This set is provided as an additional offering to complement the pre-2018 versions. The detailed skeleton poster image does NOT appear on the Beef CD.

Is the Sheep Supplemental Module Set included in the Sheep Learning Lab Kit?  All of the current kits available on the store contain this set. It was designed to complement the original (pre-2017) Sheep Learning Lab Kit. This module content is NOT included on the Sheep Learning Lab CD.

Is the Parts of a Dog Poster Set included in the Dog Learning Lab KitAll of the current kits available on the store contain this set. The Dog CD does NOT contain this particular image, but includes an earlier dog anatomy poster image.

Is the Feed Sample Set the same feed set included in the Horse Learning Lab Kit?  Yes, but it is suitable for use with other species. Currently, we do not have other species-specific feed sample sets.

Do you ship to Canada?  Please contact us directly for more information: or 1-800-678-6114

Can I get a discount on my order?  If you plan to purchase a total of $2,000 or more in Learning Lab Kit/Hands-on Learning products, please contact us for bulk discount information: or 1-800-678-6114.