Sheep Learning Lab Kit


What's in the Sheep Learning Lab Kit?

image of Sheep Learning Lab Kit        samples from Sheep Learning Lab Kit
The Sheep Learning Lab Kit costs $429 and includes materials and suggestions for activities that cover
  • ANATOMY: sheep body parts and skeleton
  • BREEDS: images and traits
  • CONFORMATION: feet and leg structure
  • MEAT CUTS: retail and wholesale cuts of lamb
  • MEDICINE LABELS/INSERTS: parts identification and interpretation, proper injection sites
  • ANIMAL HANDLING: safe animal handling and management
  • COMMON HEALTH PROBLEMS: New - diseases, causes, symptoms, and body locations

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Kit Features

  • Durable posters, pictures, charts, and task cards are printed on bright cover stock with heavy-duty lamination. Easy to write on and erase!
  • NEW! Scored, punch-out ID tags - no more painful cutting with scissors! Color-coded tags are printed on durable polystyrene. Includes Velcro dots, making learning tactile and fun.
  • Now included! Sheep Supplemental Learning Module: Common Health Problems (posters, situation task cards, and poly ID tags)
  • Manipulatives of animals, equipment, and handlers provide practice in safe animal handling and management.
  • Includes heavy-duty, plastic bags and printed adhesive labels for easy organization.
  • Special hands-on learning tools include a labeled medication bottle and a syringe-style pipette.
  • The Educator's Curriculum Guide makes it easy for you to get the most out of your kit by providing background information and lesson plans for twenty short activities.
  • The Educator's Resource Materials Set includes reproducible masters for most of the kit contents.
  • DVD - Quality Assurance and Animal Care
  • Each kit is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box that can be inserted into the canvas carrying case for durable kit storage and transportation.
Please review kit contents before purchasing. All sales are final.
A complete electronic Learning Lab Kit on one $99 CD that includes these units:
Sheep Learning Lab CD - image of case
CD is not included in the Sheep Learning Lab Kit.
For use with PC operating systems only

(Windows 95 through Windows 10).

Common Health Conditions

Supplemental module set is designed to complement the Sheep Learning Lab Kit. It costs $68 and covers these topics:

  • 21 common health conditions found in sheep
  • Causes and symptoms of each condition
  • Symptom locations - internal and external

Includes 2 posters, 2 task cards, Educator's Resource Materials Set, Velcro dots, storage bags, and labels. Comes in a sturdy, reusable cardboard sleeve.

display of Sheep Supplemental Module components

Supplemental Module Set is NOW INCLUDED in the Sheep Learning Lab Kit.
Sheep Learning Lab CD does not include Common Health Problems.


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