Change Game: Levels of Community Change


A Game that Brings the Social Ecological Model to Life

If you are a public health professional, you know that changing people's habits and behaviors can be challenging.

We can help your audience of public health professionals understand those challenges with Levels of Community Change, an interactive, hands-on game that applies the social ecological model in the pursuit of policy, system, and environmental change. It engages public health professionals and others with real-life scenarios, challenges, and discussions, suggesting that effective health promotion strategies target individual change (education), and social, organizational/ physical environment, and policy changes. Customized scenarios make the game fun and relevant for teen and adult groups.

Game Content and Ordering

The Levels of Community Change game comes with a 4'x4' vinyl mat, instructions and a set of 22 healthy behavior scenarios, a bean bag, and a plastic storage bag for the scenarios.

All the items are delivered in a cardboard mailer that also serves as a convenient storage box. For $50 plus shipping, it can be ordered HERE. All orders must be completed online. Our store allows you to place your order and follow up with a signed purchase order, check, or credit card.


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If you are interested in using facilitators and multiple games to reach a larger audience, use these Facilitator Instructions to explain the game and procedures.

Need a copy of the game instructions?

These instructions are included in the kit above. You actually don't have to have the kit - it just makes playing the game very easy. These instructions include other ways to play, namely by creating your own inside or outside play space.

Additional Health Behavior Scenarios

The Levels of Community Change game includes one set of 22 health behavior scenarios (Community A) intended for use with health professionals.  Additional sets can be downloaded here:

  • Community B (24 scenarios, for use with health professionals)
  • Youth A (22 scenarios, for use with teens)


We're Here to Help!

Have a question about this product? The Levels of Community Change game was created by Carol Smathers (OSU Extension Field Specialist), Theresa Ferrari (OSU Extension Youth Development Specialist), and Shawna Hite (OSU Extension Healthy People Program Specialist).

Have a question about your order? For questions about billing and order processing, contact Anna Bernard at 614-292-1935. For other customer service questions, contact Dara Barclay at 614-292-9772.