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Ohio 4-H Youth Development

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Session II

  1. Opportunities for Ohio 4-H Rabbit Project Members

    (201) Opportunities for Ohio 4-H Rabbit Project Members


    Come and learn about the statewide opportunities open to Ohio 4-H rabbit project members, including Rabbit Quiz Bowl, as well as contests and shows at the Ohio State Fair. State Fair department staff will share information about rabbit judging and breed ID contests that you might want to try at your county fair! Limited to: 60 participants.  Presented by: Bridget Moore, Travis West & Amanda Hutcheson

  2. (203) 4-H Camp Counselor Training: Time Management


    Madison County 4-H Educator, Frances Nicol, shares how you can properly manage time during your sessions at camp and activities you can do to help fill time Key Words: camp counselor, time management

  3. Ohio 4-H Achievement Awards

    (207) Ohio 4-H Achievement Awards


    Do you want to learn how to win a fun trip to National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia? Join the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council as they go over the Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Form. We'll be going over what the achievement form is, what to include in each section, and where it can take you. Resources will also be provided to further guide you. Limited to: 50 participants.  Presented by: Samantha Mozena 

  4. Creating Older Youth Opportunities

    (213) Creating Older Youth Opportunities


    What do you do to ignite, inspire and keep your older youth members active in your county? Join us to talk about older youth opportunities while we share some things working in Holmes County! This session will be co-lead by Holmes County older youth involved in the Tech Changemakers program, camp counselors, junior fairboard, Be You Livestock Show, Cloverbud Day camp and so much more! Come learn from youth and coordinators how we stay engaged and in open communication to build opportunities in Holmes County youth and prepare them in workforce development all along the way! Limited to: 80 participants.  Presented by: Janessa Hill, Ashley Tate, Ella Lorentz & Kylie Ramirez 

  5. (215 and 317) Supporting Youth in 4-H Workforce Development


    Employers (and colleges) want people with the skills that youth practice regularly through their 4-H experience. The ability to describe the 4-H experience can make a tremendous difference in a youth’s success. Career choices are some of the biggest decisions youth will make and they can only aspire to what they know. The pace of change is so rapid that the jobs of tomorrow in some cases do not even exist today. In this session you will learn the critical skills that employers are seeking, how to support youth in describing their 4-H experience for maximum impact and gain an awareness of how to improve awareness of youth with in-demand careers and how to find out more.

  6. (217) Re(Building) a Solid Foundation for 4-H Club Meetings


    Club meeting a bore? We can help you fix that. Over time, we get into routines that can result in a lackluster club meeting structure and make meetings redundant and boring. Research shows that non-stimulating meetings influence member retention and participation. How do you keep your members engaged? Participants attending this session will leave with grab-and-go resources to take back to their clubs to effectively engage members, enhance the components of the club meeting, and increase member engagement. Limited to: 60 participants. Presented by: Alisha Faudie & Ashlee Dietz