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Session V

  1. (503) Making eXtreme Camp Counselors


    Come and engage with other 4-H youth and volunteers to get an insight of some of the activities and programs covered at the Making eXtreme Camp Counselor (MXC) Workshop. We will give an overview of MXC and then its time to get up and move! We will be doing various team building, recreation, and mixer activities that you can take back to your county 4-H program. Limited to: 100 participants. Presented by: Katie Cole, Erin Dailey, Elliott Lawrence & Jo Williams

  2. (504) Cloverbud Creativity


    This session is geared for adults who will explore hands-on Cloverbud activities. Reviewing and understanding resources that are available for advisors. We will explore how to creatively utilize resources to help grow Cloverbud programs. Limited to: 50 participants. Presented by: Danielle Combs & Kathy Bruynis

  3. Links to Leadership - The Importance of a Good First Impression

    (505) Links to Leadership - The Importance of a Good First Impression


    You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. An interviewer will form an impression of you within the first 60 seconds of meeting. In this session, learn tips for creating positive attitudes to aid in making that great first impression whether it be at a 4-H related interview, a college scholarship or job interview. Tips and advice for good, effective communication during those prime moments will be shared. Limited to: 100 participants.  Presented by: Kiersten Heckel 

  4. (507) What do You See With Your 2020 Vision?


    Many of us already know what the 4-H program offers and can bring to our communities and youth, but what about those who have never heard of 4-H? How do we reach them in our communities and how do we help them understand the benefits of 4-H? Be sure to bring your ideas and thoughts on what a great open house might entail as we all share ideas to grow our 4-H programs. Join us as we discuss what worked and what we will do differently as we share information on our first ever 4-H open house in Holmes County! Limited to: 80 participants. Presented by: Janessa Hill, Ashley Gerber & Lisa Lang

  5. Muskingum County 4-H: The Reel Story

    (508) Muskingum County 4-H: The Reel Story


    In 2019, Muskingum County 4-H launched a new Facebook video series. The first ten videos featured 4-H members with their projects and have been viewed more than 8000 times to date. The videos were also a key piece of a county fair 4-H scavenger hunt, designed to educate members and non-members about 4-H opportunities. Through a partnership with Farm Bureau, posters were created for each barn on the fairgrounds providing general species information, 4-H project details and links to the video series. Attend this session to learn more about Muskingum County 4-H: The Reel Story and the 4-H Scavenger Hunt! Limited to: 50 participants.  Presented by: Jamie McConnell & Trevor Tom 

  6. (513) Take a Virtual Fieldtrip With Your Club


    Have you ever wanted to take your 4-H club on an interactive and fun field trip but did not have the money or resources to make it happen? Then a virtual field trip is the perfect solution. Learn about virtual fieldtrips and how to lead one. Also learn about virtual reality technology and other ways you can use it in your 4-H club. In this session participants will learn about technology used in virtual fieldtrips along with software that makes the fieldtrip fun, interactive, and exciting. Limited to: 50 participants. Presented by: Elliott Lawrence

  7. (516) Making Workforce Preparation Fun!


    Don’t let the term Workforce Preparation deter you. Every day, Ohio 4-H volunteers are involved in preparing youth for their future even if they don’t realize it. Whether they are working with camp counselors, helping members look at career exploration information within their project, or practicing interview skills for fair, volunteers are preparing 4-H’ers for the workplace. Join this session to find a variety of online resources from 4-H groups across the nation to teach in your clubs. Included in these resources, are full lesson plans that are quick, fun and EASY to teach with minimal preparation. Topics range from “The Interview” to “Connecting to the Traditional 4-H Program”. Limited to: 60 participants. Presented by: Allison Cooper