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Decorate Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

Sickle-shaped shadows from a Solar Eclipse.

This is a 4-H Solar Eclipse activity by Cynthia Canan, PhD, State 4-H STEM Specialist, Ohio State University Extension and Sara Newsome, 4-H Alumnus and STEM Student Assistant, The Ohio State University
Reviewed by: Wayne Schlingman, PhD, Director of the Arne Slettebak Planetarium, The Ohio State University and Jess Soffee, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development,  Ohio State University Extension-Lucas County

Topic: Space Science | Estimated time: 30 minutes | PDF for PRINTING

NOTE: It is never safe to look at the sun without proper eye protection. The only time this changes is when the moon has completely blocked all parts of the sun during a total solar eclipse.



  1. Print the toppers and decorations. The outside edges of the tabs of the toppers should be 5⅝ inches apart.
  2. Have each youth select and color a topper and select and color decorations if desired. Display completed topper samples for reference.
  3. When the youth has finished coloring, cut out the topper and decorations. Be sure to leave the rectangular tabs at the bottom of the topper attached. Have the youth glue any desired decorations to the topper.
  4. Align the tabs at the bottom of the decoration with the inside of the solar viewing glasses. Using tape, attach the tabs to the glasses so the decoration sits above the bridge of the glasses.

Note: Never damage the viewing surface of the glasses, never scratch the coating of the viewing surface, and never punch a hole through the viewing surface. 

Creating a Safe Fit for Youth

  1. For a better glasses fit, punch one hole in each arm of the glasses near the back of the curved part that goes behind the ear. (You may choose to use staples or tape instead.)
  2. Using ribbon or elastic, cut two equal pieces and tie each piece to each punched hole. Bring each piece around the back of the youth’s head and tie a knot to secure the fit.

Front view of solar eclipse viewing glasses with topper.

Back view of solar eclipse viewing glasses with topper.

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ALL SOLAR ECLIPSE VIEWING RISKS BORNE BY THE VIEWER. Any and all risks associated by viewing the solar eclipse on any property operated by, or with glasses distributed by the Ohio State University, are borne and accepted solely by the individual taking such action. Instructions on how to use the glasses are printed on the inside of the glasses. Please read them carefully and follow the instructions exactly as written. You hereby release The Ohio State University, its Trustees, boards, officers, employees and representatives from any liability, for any and all claims and causes of action for loss of or damage to property and for any and all illness or injury to your person that may result from or occur during your participation in the activity, whether caused by negligence of The Ohio State University, its Trustees, boards, officers, employees, or representatives, or otherwise. See instructions on glasses before use.