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Deadline - Host Family Applications for Youth (Final)


Looking for some new fun and excitement this summer? How about hosting a boy or girl from Japan in your home for 3½ weeks? The Ohio 4-H International Program is offering hosting opportunities to 75 families, and Japanese youth on the other side of the world are anxiously waiting to learn who their new family might be! Youth arrive in Columbus on July 21, go with their host families on July 23, and return home on August 17/18.

•Host families should have their own child aged 10-15 who will serve as the main host sibling. Families will be matched with a Japanese youth of the same gender and approximate age.

•4-H membership is not required.

•Special trips and activities are not required. The focus is on everyday family life.

•Host families provide lodging, meals, and any family activities.

•Medical insurance is provided.

•Youth bring money for personal spending (gifts, souvenirs, etc.)

•A separate bed/mattress is needed, but not a separate room.

•If your own child is going to camp, the Japanese youth goes, too! (Camp cost is paid.)

•If you’re going on vacation, the Japanese youth can go, too!

•If your own child starts school before 8/18, the Japanese youth can attend, too (ONLY if your school approves). If not, parents, neighbors or relatives could keep them busy. The Japanese youth enjoy the hustle and bustle of back-to-school preparations.

•The youth belong to Labo, an organization devoted to English language and cultural learning.

Benefits: Broaden your family’s cross-cultural and global understanding, increase family communication skills, make a new friend from another country, and have fun while leaning about Japan in your own home. Hosting a Japanese youth for a few weeks is the ultimate in “Learning by Doing.” It’s a low-cost way for the whole family to gain the benefits of international travel right here at home!

What You Do: Treat the exchange youth as a family member (rather than a tourist or guest) and keep a “regular” family schedule. That could mean chores, fairs, ballgames, making crafts, camping, grocery shopping, catching fireflies, playing around the neighborhood – whatever! Very busy – or not so busy – it just depends on what your family likes to do!

What We Do: Provide 24-7 support! State and local exchange personnel are always available, and Japanese chaperones will be staying near-by