Ohio State Fair 4-H Avian Bowl Contest


Avian Bowl will be held Saturday, July 11, at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, Columbus. Each county may enter two junior and two senior teams. Youth must be 4-H members but do not need to be enrolled in a 4-H Poultry project to be on an Avian Bowl team. Cross-county teams are permitted provided team eligibility is met. 

Team entries, including entry fee and questions, must be postmarked by Monday, June 8.

The 2020 study material from the National Avian Bowl Manual includes:

  • Raising Waterfowl (Sources through General Breeding Management) – pages 26-30 
  • Avian Systems (The Feather) – page 43
  • Growing Blue Ribbon Pullets (All) - pages 57-65
  • Breeds, Varieties, and Strains (Introduction, Bantams, Americans, and Asiatics) – pages 69-73
  • Eggcyclopedia (Curdling through It’s All in an Egg) - pages 118-136
  • Ratites (All) – pages 171-173
  • Commercial Poultry Industry (All) – pages 175-176
  • Embryology (Parts of the Egg through Candling) – pages 186-192