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Ohio State Fair Companion Animal Day 1

  • Youth ARE NOT permitted to bring live animals to judging. Please refer to the judging criteria below.
  • All projects EXCEPT All About Dogs and You and Your Dog will be judged on Friday, July 26 at the Youth Center.
  • All About Dogs and You and Your Dog projects will be judged on Wednesday, July 31 at the Buckeye Sports Center.
  • Participation is open to youth ages 8 and in the third grade, or 9 years old and older regardless of grade level, as of January 1, 2019. The last year of eligibility, or participation, in 4-H is the year in which the individual turns 19.
  • Companion animal projects include:

        216     Cat 1 – Purrr-fect Pals                               

        217     Cat 2 – Climbing Up                                  

        218     Cat 3 – Leaping Forward                           

        215     4-H Cavy (Guinea Pig)                               

        227     Pet Rabbits                                                

        220     Pocket Pets                                                             

        365     Self-Determined Companion Animal, for youth taking a companion animal not listed as a project above, such as caged birds, pot-bellied pigs, hermit crabs, etc.

       365.13       Reptiles & Amphibians Idea Starter

       365.27       Ferrets Idea Starter

       365.28      Chinchillas Idea Starter