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Throughout Ohio 4-H, youth are involved in significant leadership experiences. Teens are leading 4-H clubs, organizing service projects, creating camping programs, mentoring younger members and speaking out for what they value. Engagement in these actions not only positively impacts communities; young people’s lives are also shaped as they transition into adulthood. These experiences may be appreciated locally but rarely are they shared in a way that others may learn from and help celebrate the successes.

The Ohio 4-H Teen Connections newsletter, website and Facebook page are tools to support the 4-H community of teens, volunteers and professionals to expand, improve, and recognize how youth leadership is done in Ohio. We hope that you will find these resources both useful and inspiring. Join us in recognizing the significant involvement 4-H youth have in making decisions that affect themselves, their communities, and their world. Join us in unleashing the power and creativity of youth!

Current Newsletter: Summer 2013 (Service and Citizenship)

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Ideas for photos, stories, columns are welcome! Please contact fogt.12@cfaes.osu.edu or any Teen Connections Editor with any story ideas, past highlights, upcoming events of statewide interest, or any suggestions you’d like to share.

Ohio 4-H Teen Connections Working Group:

Mary Beth Albright, Extension Educator, Erie County
Mikayla Brown, Teen, Hancock County
Erin Dailey, Extension Educator, Jackson County
Nadine Fogt, Extension Educator, Fayette County
Jenna Hoyt, Extension Educator, Ashtabula County
Josh Kirby, State Specialist, Ohio 4-H
Rebekah Salyers, Teen, Fairfield County
Joyce Shriner, Extension Educator, Hocking County
Penne Smith, Extension Educator, Southeast Region
Robin Stone, Program Coordinator, Cuyahoga County
Jo Williams, Extension Educator, Scioto County
Heather Wilson, Teen, Fairfield County
Betty Wingerter, Extension Educator, Montgomery County
Greg Yost, Youth Outdoors, Cuyahoga County