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This is your place to connect to our entire collection of Ohio 4-H project books for the year. Each project book contains information and activities for members to explore as an organized group project or at home under the guidance of a parent or interested adult. When choosing a project, consider your interests, background, what is necessary to start the project, and the resources available to help you complete it. Cover of the 2023 Family Guide showing children doing project work

Ohio residents can order project books and other publications described in the Family Guide through local county Ohio State University Extension offices. Out-of-state residents or Ohio residents who want to buy online can go directly to

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  • On pages 32 and 45, tractor projects no longer have a state fair eligibility as indicated. The corresponding state fair events are not taking place this year.
  • On page 37, the minimum age for participation in the Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports program has been changed. Minimum age is now age 8 instead of 9, which is in line with the national program.
  • On page 43, projects 467 and 476 are both listed as Cooking on My Own. Project 476 is actually Kitchen Boss. The titles are correct on page 24 and in other documents.


Download 2022 Ohio 4-H Family Guide

2022 Ohio 4-H Family Guide (.pdf)