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Master Endowment

The Ohio 4-H Foundation Endowment distributes program grants annually and supports the administrative cost of the volunteer board. The endowment is pertinent to the success of Ohio 4-H and supports many important programs throughout the state.

The grants are awarded to many different innovative projects and programs including areas in technology, science, work-force preparation and many more. 

For more information on endowments, please visit the OSU Office of Financial Services.

Named Endowments

Donors can also set up named endowments in which the earned income is designated to the specific interest of the donor, whether it be a scholarship or specific program area. Examples of these funds include:

  • The Cashman Family Fund
  • Calhoon 4-H Leadership Scholarship
  • Lifer 4-H Excellence Fund
  • Sauder 4-H Career Development Fund

The endowment description, authorized by the University Board of Trustees when the fund is established, states each named fund’s purpose. Each fund is administered by the College or University department designated by the donor(s) and the Board of Trustees, and it is the College dean’s or the department chair’s responsibility to make expenditures from the fund under directions set forth in the endowment description.  If distributions are not used in a given fiscal year, the College or department may carry the balance forward into the next fiscal year for purposes specified in the endowment description; or the unused distribution may be reinvested to principal, thereby securing additional shares. To obtain additional shares, some endowment descriptions automatically require unused distribution or a portion of annual distribution to be returned to principal.

To view descriptions and balances of your named endowment, click here.  

  • Click on 'Descriptions and Balances'.
  • Then type in your 'endowment name' or 'fund number' (if known) and click 'search'.
  • A list of Endowments will be displayed, click on your endowment and the current information of the fund will be displayed.
  • If you have any questions on your endowment balances or how to access this information, please contact the Foundation office.
Ohio 4-H County Endowments  

County 4-H endowments are permanent accounts, funded through individual donations, business and corporate contributions, and fundraising events. Each county has full control over the interest income generated by their endowment. County endowment funds support local 4-H programs through 4-H member scholarships and awards, educational workshops and resources, and volunteer training and support.

What is an Endowment?

The Ohio State University requires substantial, consistent and permanent funding and, by receiving such funds, the University can continue to provide strong academic programs and innovative technology. Endowment funds embody such a need. Gifts are invested in perpetuity, and distribution from the invested contributions is used to fund the desired activities. A portion of the income may be reinvested in the fund at the request of the donor or department to further enhance the fund’s buying power over time. All endowed fund gifts at Ohio State are pooled together with other long-term university assets to form the “Long-Term Investment Pool”. Within this pool are well-diversified investments that include:

  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds

Because endowments are intended by the donors to be permanent enhancements to the University, and because they are intended to fund important programs and activities, two important objectives guide the investment of the University Endowment Fund:

  • To preserve and maintain the real purchasing power of the fund’s principal.
  • Produce a return that would be described as acceptable by prudent money managers as compared to the current marketplace.
Who Manages the Endowment?

The University strives to earn the highest possible return from interest, dividends, realized gains and market value increases while maintaining an appropriate level of risk. To do this, the services of external investment managers are utilized. Both the Office of the Treasurer and the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees closely monitor the performance of the endowment portfolio with re-allocation occurring as needed.

How is a Fund Established?

New named funds are established by the Board of Trustees upon receipt of a gift of $100,000 or more. Endowment descriptions are approved by the donor, the University department that is proposed to administer the fund, and the Board itself. The endowment operates similar to a mutual fund. Each named fund is assigned a number of shares in the University Endowment Fund based on the value of gifts to that fund. Representing a uniform portion of the fund, each share is used to calculate the distribution to each named fund.

Learn more about endowments at the OSU Office of Financial Services.