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Ohio 4-H donors believe in the importance of inspiring curiosity, building lifelong skills, fueling adventure, and helping prepare the next generation of leaders. With your gift, you join supporters from across the country in the mission of growing 4-H across Ohio. Together, we make the best better.


Support innovative programming for youth.Help 4-H’ers prepare for the future.






     4-H Programming                                                          Career Readiness

Support innovative youth programming                                                                   Help 4-H'ers prepare for the future.

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Fund youth experiences.

Develop the next generation of leaders.






               Leaders                                                              4-H Foundation Grants

Develop the next generation of leaders.                                                                              Fund youth experiences.

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Grow 4-H across Ohio.Build a healthier world.







       Celebrate Youth                                                                      Health

            Grow 4-H across Ohio.                                                                                               Build a healthier world.

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Inspire curiosity and adventure.Fuel new passions.






                Camp                                                                     Livestock Judging

     Inspire curiosity and adventure.                                                                                         Fuel new passions.

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Give back to your community.

This is Ohio 4-H!






             Counties                                                          Thanks for your support!

      Give back to your community.

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The Ohio 4-H Foundation is part of The Ohio State University Foundation, the university’s primary fundraising and gift-receiving organization. All Ohio 4-H gifts and endowments are managed through The Ohio State University Foundation.