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Insect Adventures

Interested in insects?

Give Insect Adventures a try. Insect Adventures 1, a beginning-level project, is already available. The intermediate and advanced levels and the required resource Insect Collection Guide are soon to follow. Stay tuned!

Can’t wait? Visit The Department of Entomology at The Ohio State University website for a video of Termite Script Ohio.

Coming soon! Entomology is a great career. See what these professionals like about what they do: Why I'm an Entomologist [link to video].

645 Insect Adventures 1

Insects are always fun, but they are not always this fun! This project guides you through “entomology” basics like insect types and parts, how to catch insects, and why they are so important to us. Make your own collection of 30 insects! 2018. Beginning level. State fair eligible. 

How to Pronounce Insect Orders

Follow the link and click on the audio button.

Diptera (dipteran)

645 Insect Adventures 2

Dig a little deeper into the world of insects by learning to love a caterpillar, recognizing relatives of insects, building a new trap, and identifying friendly predators. There’s more too! Your collection at this level is 40 insect specimens. 2018. Available January 2018. Intermediate level. State fair eligible. 

646 Insect Adventures 3

These activities take you to expert level as you dissect a grasshopper (yes, you read that right), explore insect history, investigate trapping, and welcome “beneficials.” Anyone want a room in the bee hotel? Finish with your own collection of 50 insect specimens. 2018. Available January 2018. Advanced level. State fair eligible.

644R Insect Collection Guide

This how-to resource guides you through collecting insects, preserving them, what to pin and what to point, spreading butterflies, and displays. 2018. Available January 2017 in print through county offices and eventually online here.

Coming soon! Collection Tool Guide--What to Buy and Where to Buy It [link to PDF]


Coming soon!