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Insect Adventures 1

Insects are always fun, but they are not always THIS fun! This project guides you through “entomology” basics like insect types and parts, how to catch insects, and why they are so important to us. Make your own collection of 30 insects!

Insect Adventures 1 cover

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Activity 2: Family trees

How to Pronounce Insect Orders

Follow each link and click on the audio button.

Activity 4: pits and pans

Video: How to Make a Pan Trap 

Are you collecting insects? A pan trap is useful for catching flying insects usually attracted to brightly colored flowers.

Video: How to Make a Pitfall Trap 

Are you collecting insects? A pitfall trap is useful for catching insects that crawl on the ground. 

Video Special Feature: How Scientists Use Pitfall and Pan Traps 

To collect insects for ecological research, scientists all over the world use pitfall and pan traps just like the ones you are using. 

Activity 6: Count your Karner Blues

Video Special Feature: Conserving Karner Blue Butterflies at the Toledo Zoo 

The Butterfly Conservation Greenhouse at the Toledo Zoo is helping Karner Blue Butterflies, an endangered species, by captively rearing them. You can help butterflies too, by planting native plants and larval host plants. 

Resources for collecting and preserving your insects are HERE