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Insect Adventures 2

Dig a little deeper into the world of insects by learning to love a caterpillar, recognizing relatives of insects, building a new trap, and identifying friendly predators. There’s more too! Your collection at this level is 40 insect specimens.

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Activity 3: DIY Berlese Funnel

Video: How to Make a Berlese Funnel

A Berlese funnel trap is easy to make and can show you what insects live in your soil.

Activity 6: Lost Ladybugs

Video: How to Use an Insect Net

Do you have an insect net and a jar? You're all set to start your insect collecting adventure with these "sweeping" techniques.

Video: Tips and Tricks for Safely Transferring Insects from a Net

You've netted a few insects, maybe even a bee, but now what? See how to safely transfer an insect to a collecting jar, with no harm to the insect or to you.

Video: How to Beat for Insects

All you need to collect insects with this method is a light-colored sheet, a stick, a jar, and tweezers.

Resources for collecting and preserving your insects are HERE.