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Insect Adventures 3

These activities take you to expert level as you dissect a grasshopper (yes, you read that right), explore insect history, investigate trapping, and welcome “beneficials.” Anyone want a room in the bee hotel? Finish with your own collection of 50 insect specimens.

Insect Adventures 3 cover

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Activity 1: Insect Insides

Video: How to Dissect a Grasshopper 

Join OSU's Bug Doc for an easy-to-follow demonstration of dissecting a grasshopper.

Activity 3: Shoo Fly! Don't Bother Me

Video: How to Make a Spotted Wing Drosophila Trap

Make a spotted wing Drosophila (SWD) trap to see if this invasive fly is in your backyard. 

Activity 5: Build a Bee Hotel

Video: How to Build a Bee Hotel

Give the solitary bees in your backyard a new home by providing a bee hotel.

Resources for collecting and preserving your insects are HERE.