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4-H Week

National 4-H Week

National 4-H Week is usually celebrated early march across the state as youth, families, potential volunteers, and community members are informed about all the possibilities! To learn more about how you can promote 4-H week in your community, take a look at the following resources. 

The History of the 4-H Movement

To learn about the history of the 4-H movement in the United State and around the world, check out these two important websites.

History of Ohio 4-H
National History of 4-H

Facts About Ohio 4-H

Over the years, the Ohio 4-H Youth Development program has evolved to offer hundreds of unique opportunities for young people, families, volunteers, and communities to become actively involved. Learn more about and promote the Ohio 4-H program using these resources:

4-H Enrollment Statistics

Promoting the 4-H Program

Many youth and adults across Ohio are not fully aware of the opportunities available to them in the 4-H Youth Development program. The following brochures, news releases, and radio scripts might be useful to promote 4-H locally.

News Releases and Brochures

Ohio 4-H Making A Difference- (pdf | word)
Promoting Ohio 4-H Week- (pdf | word)
Radio Scripts- (pdf | word)
Ohio 4-H Week Brochure- (pdf | word)
4-H Cloverbud Brochure- (pdf)

4-H Opportunities

Ohio 4-H members have many options and opportunities to engage in as they seek to learn new skills, challenge themselves, and even compete on the local, state, and national level. You can use the following news releases to promote different programs, projects, and opportunities for Ohio 4-H members.

PetPals- (pdfword)
Pilot Dogs- (pdf | word)
Ohio State Fair- (pdf | word)
Companion Animals- (pdf | word)
Health- (pdf | word)
Cloverbuds (pdf | word)
International Experiences (pdf | word)

Volunteer Involvement

Volunteers are a critical component to the Ohio 4-H program and contribute greatly to the growth and development of 4-H memebers. You can promote opportunities for potential volunteers and share the great things they are doing by using the following news releases. 

Volunteer Recruitment- (pdf | word)
Volunteer Importance- (pdf | word)
Promote Volunteer Conference (pdf | word)

Supporting 4-H

The Ohio 4-H program has enjoyed a very strong history of support from individuals, businesses, and foundations over the past 100 years! Learn more about how the financial giving has impacted the 4-H program and share with others the opportunities that exist to give. 

4-H Foundation
Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center
County Endowments News Release (pdf | word)