COVID-19 Response: Stay Connected

Listed below are resources for 4-H professionals to use with youth and volunteers during office closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you have resources to share that colleagues will find beneficial, please send a brief description and the link to Sally McClaskey at or Sarah Longo at

NOTE: Those items marked with an asterisk* are also found on the public part of this website at Volunteers > Club Leaders.


Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Here's a great sign with important reminders for 4-H activities - post it or send out as needed. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions -  An FAQ with pertinent information has been developed for volunteers and members. It is on > Families > Stay Connected.

Ohio 4-H COVID-19 Resources Spreadsheet

Fundraisers and Service Guidance - 10/12/20

Ohio 4-H Planning Guide for In-person Meetings & Events - 3/11/21


  • Camp Counselor Handbook Survey (Pilot in 2020) - if you are planning to use the handbook in 2020, please fill out this survey to assist us with tracking where it is being used and to aid in following up for feedback. Please provide suggested edits or considerations to Justin (bower.183).
  • Virtual Camping Curriculum - see email from Jamie McConnell on 4/20 for more details
    • Curriculum can be accessed through a Qualtrics survey at
    • To request collaborator access to the Qualtrics survey to download county reports, please complete this survey: You only need to request access once. Then, a Camping Design Team member will manually add you as a collaborator. You will be notified via email when you have been added as a collaborator.
    • Accompanying materials for the curriculum can be found in Buckeye Box: 4-H Professionals>Camping>Virtual Camping Curriculum. To download materials visit:








From the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources