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Healthy Living

Healthy Living


Statewide Healthy Living Programs 
(public page)

4-H Professionals Microsoft Teams
(includes county-created resources, customizable documents, and past health living presentations)
*must request to have access 

4th H Club Challenge Blender Bike CARTEENS
County Mental Health Guides Curriculum Mental Health First Aid
Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) REACH Vaping


4th H Club Challenge

The public-facing page of the state website fully explains the 4th H Club Challenge

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Blender Bike

4-H professionals may borrow a blender bike as it is available. Please refer to the below map to see the closest blender bike to you.

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The public-facing page of the state website has a description of the CARTEENS program and history.

An updated Excel Workbook of the current status and costs of 4-H CARTEENS programs is available below.

  • County Availability & Prices (being updated, will post late May 2024)

The Healthy Living Design Team has created a Microsoft Teams (separate from the 4-H Professionals Team) for CARTEENS Coordinators to access curriculum, marketing materials, and resources for CARTEENS programs. Both OSU Extension Employees and approved 4-H Volunteers who are CARTEENS Coordinators may have access. To request access, please fill out the below survey.

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County Mental Health Guides

These guides contain information about mental health resources available in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. Find it at

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The public-facing page has Healthy Living Curriculum available to anyone.

  • Blender Bike
  • Coping with COVID (Mental, Emotional, and Social Health Lessons)
  • Cutting Board Challenge
  • Emotional Intelligence Lessons
  • Emotional Wellness Lessons
  • Healthy Living Project Books 

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Mental Health First Aid

In Construction...

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Question Persuade Refer (QPR)

In Construction...

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REACH - Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

REACH© is the name of the OSU suicide prevention in-person gatekeeper training program designed to help the OSU community prevent suicide.

Upcoming OSU Extension-specific REACH trainings:

  • Currently setting dates for fall of 2024 and Spring of 2025

Register for OSU Extension-specific training here.

If your office or administrative area is interested in having someone come to you to conduct a REACH training, please email to discuss availability.

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Vaping Curriculum

North Dakota State University has created a one-off lesson (45 minutes) on vaping targeted at middle schoolers (ages 11-14). The curriculum is free but please DO NOT alter the curriculum. You can add to it.

Link to the curriculum

If you would like to review the curriculum please schedule a 30-minute ZOOM with Justin.

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The public-facing page of the state website has a description of the 4-H Yoga program

The next training will be offered Wednesday, March 26, 2025. You will be asked to complete an asynchronus online course before attending the day of trainining. Registration will go live in December 2024. Once you've completed the training you will be added to a Microsoft Teams with all the materials.

Policies and Guidelines

  • Only individuals who have been trained in 4-H Yoga may be leading yoga programs/routines in Ohio 4-H.
  • You may not train others to teach 4-H Yoga. Only individuals who have coordinated with the state office and Arkansas 4-H may train others.
  • It is also recommended that you attend another training within 5 years of your last training as the curriculum and program are regularly updated and new tools, resources, and processes are created. 

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