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Resources to Teach QA

Assuring Quality Care of Animals (AQCA) Resources:

Below are educational resources for each GPP.  The resources delivered during the fall AQCA In-service are on BuckeyeBox. These resources are for use when teaching youth exhibitors quality assurance for the purpose of complying with Chapter 901-19-07 of the Ohio Administrative Code which is a mandatory rule that requires all exhibitors to complete a quality assurance program prior to exhibiting terminal or partial terminal livestock in a junior livestock show.

These same educational resources may also be used when educating clientele about youth quality assurance, or to prepare youth prior to them taking the test for the test-out option, if applicable to your county.

You MUST be certified as a County Coordinator or Assistant Instructor and have your name listed with Ohio State University Extension to be able to teach youth exhibitors or give the tests for the test-out option to comply with the Ohio Administrative Code. There are NO exceptions.  Please contact Lizz Share ( with questions.

Content is categorized by year and the specific Good Production Practices (GPPs) that were the focus.

  • 2022 – GPPs 7, 8, & 9
  • Taught Each Year – Ethics and Welfare, Food Safety and Regulations, and GPP 10

GPP Resources:

GPP1 - Veterinarian/Client/Patient Relationship (2020)
          - AQCA_GPP1

GPP2 - Health Plan (2021)

GPP3 - Antibiotics (2020)

GPP4 - Health Products (2021)

GPP5 - Feed (2021)

GPP6 - ID and Records (2020)

GPP7 - Environmental Stewardship (2022)
          - AQCA_GPP7

GPP8 - Workplace Safety (2022)

GPP9 - Animcal Handling and Care (2022)
          -AQCA_GPP9 (See PPT in OneDrive folder)

Each Year

Ethics and Welfare

Food Safety and Relations

GPP10- Continued Improvement