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Science exploration and discovery with 4-H

Cloverbuds smile for a photo during the Cloverbud Engineering Adventure.

4-H and science activities go hand-in-hand at county fairs, school programs, camps, and more. Learn more about the 4-H science programs youth experienced in 2023 and how these opportunities will expand in 2024.

Science at Camp

4-H members at horse camp used Spheros (a round robot controlled by a tablet or smartphone) to mimic a barrel pattern they did with their horses. This activity can help riders find better angles of approach on their rides. At Canter's Cave STEM Camp, youth explored pollinator appendages and how they function to gather pollen and learned how to take a tree core sample to find the age of a tree.

On the Road with 4-H!Youth learning how to use spheros at the 4-H Mobile Design Lab.

The Mobile Design Lab traveled to all corners of the state this past summer from downtown Youngstown to Farm Science Review, and down by the Ohio River. Visitors to 21 county fairs and other events climbed aboard to learn coding, explore digital music, discover the technology of robotic arms, create digital art, and program drones. 2024 will feature a new look for the Mobile Design Lab with a focus on clovers and kids!

Cloverbud Engineering Adventure

Almost 300 Cloverbuds focused on engineering design and discovery at this year's challenge. These youngest 4-H'ers explored time travel and created projects by looking back in the past and forward to the future. Cloverbuds worked in teams to create a project out of building blocks and a poster to represent what they learned. They shared their work with each other and volunteers at project showcases, held in five locations in Ohio.4-H'ers learning about forestry science at STEM Camp.

2024 Eclipse, 4-H Style!

On April 8, 2024, the moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, and part of Ohio will get to experience a total eclipse. 4-H is making plans to help youth and families learn more about the eclipse by collaborating with OSU Extension Publications and the OSU Department of Astronomy to develop activities.


Is it Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) or do you add an A and include Art? It's both! 4-H projects and activities are infused with both topics, whether a 4-H'er is designing a costume or calculating the dimensions of a woodworking project. You can find all 4-H projects in the 2024 Family Guide.