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Five Ohio teens selected to be Roth Scholars

Ohio's Roth Scholars gathering for a group photo.

In May, National 4-H Council announced a partnership with Atlanta-based businessman and philanthropist, Joel Roth, who provided a $1.1M gift to launch the 4-H Leadership Academy (The Academy). This two-year pilot will provide 25 high school students with employability skills that business leaders seek, including communication, leadership, ethics, conflict resolution, and social responsibility.

Known as Roth Scholars, The Academy’s first cohort are participants from five 4-H Cooperative Extension Land Grant Universities, Auburn University, Rutgers Campbell Pohlman, a Warren County 4-H'er, participating in icebreaker games at the 4-H Leadership Academy Kick-Off Event.University, The Ohio State University, University of Idaho, and University of Minnesota.

The teens selected from Ohio include: Dane Cresswell, Makenna Lybarger, Campbell Pohlman, Logan Pridemore, and Campbell Reese.

“The 4-H Leadership Academy advances a commitment shared by 4-H and Mr. Roth - to help young people develop the skills they need to prepare for work and life,” said Jill Bramble, President and CEO of National 4-H Council. “We thank Mr. Roth for his gratitude and this avenue to share leadership skills where our young people can learn, grow, and be work ready.” 

Academy participants will receive stipends to support research projects that address community challenges. In addition, mentors support their learning in areas such as ethical decision-making, logic and reasoning, conflict resolution, and written and verbal Roth Scholars from across the country gathering for a group photo.communication. The culmination of the program will see the Roth Scholars implement the lessons learned in the cohort to drive research-based community impact.

“The problems facing our society are getting bigger and bigger, and more and more lasting. It’s increasingly important that we prepare young people to be thoughtful, effective leaders who are well positioned to take on these challenges,” Roth said. “4-H’s national reach, university-backed expertise, network of highly trained educators, in-person and virtual programming options, and longstanding reputation make them the perfect positive youth development partner for this new academy.”

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