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Ohio 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

Jane Copenhefer participating in activities with the Licking County 4-H Band.

The Ohio 4-H Hall of Fame was created in 1977 during the 75th anniversary of 4-H, with the enshrinement of A.B. Graham, founder of 4-H in Ohio, and the living charter members of the first 4-H club. The 4-H Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made significant lifetime contributions of service to the 4-H program and who have made an important positive impact upon clubs, communities, and the Ohio 4-H program. Formal recognition of these award winners has been postponed, but all Ohio 4-H Conference winners will be featured in the Ohio 4-H Highlights this month. The Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Ohio 4-H Foundation.

Jane Copenhefer 

Jane is the face of the Licking County 4-H Band. The 4-H band operates as the largest 4-H Club in Licking County, with more than 125 members in 2019. The youth who have worked with Jane over the past 47 years have gained confidence, life skills, and invested in the communities in which they live. She believes everyone has worth, and it has nothing to do with how they look or dress, or how much support they have at home. Jane is committed to the 4-H Band with weekly practices from March through the end of May, the week-long band camp, and an eight-day performance schedule during the Hartford Independent Fair. During the summer, the band performs on average twice a week. Her biggest accomplishment is that she opens the door to 4-H for a group of youth who might not otherwise choose to join the 4-H program.

David Greer David Greer

David has served as an instructor for hundreds of youth across Ohio. He has judged natural resources projects at the state fair, taught at the Ohio 4-H Conservation Camp and at programs in Knox County. He was well prepared for those opportunities, having taught science subjects at the high school level until his retirement. For 21 years, David has served as an adult camp staff member for Knox and Holmes camps and was a trainer for camp counselors. His love of teaching is evident, no matter where he travels or what ages are represented in his audiences. He has positive thoughts to share while accepting people as they are. David has served on the Knox County 4-H Planning Committee as well as regional and statewide advisory committees.

Victor Long Portrait photo of Victor Long.

Vic has made a positive impact on the youth and adults of Lorain County for over 45 years. His involvement began as a volunteer for the Lorain County Steer Club. Vic conducted numerous clinics for youth taking steers and lambs, assisted with tagging, and never hesitates to help youth with any issues or questions. Many of the youth he has come into contact with have attended college to pursue careers in agriculture and are currently involved in local and state 4-H programs. There is no doubt Vic’s passion for 4-H had positive influence on these youth, who are now adults and continue to promote 4-H.