2019 Ohio State Fair Wrap-up

Clock Trophy winners from the 2019 Woodworking Day.

Another Ohio State Fair is in the books!  The Lausche Youth Center was once again filled with more than 5,000 4-H members sharing their projects, with the best in each area receiving “Outstanding” ribbons.  From that group, a clock trophy is awarded to the project considered the best overall. Only a few select members receive a prestigious clock trophy each year. Read on to learn what that experience means to some of this year’s winners.


Allie Carter, age 14, Fairfield County Allie Carter stitching her quilt.

Getting a clock trophy means you have the best project in the state and I won three clock trophies, three years in a row, for all three quilt projects! But to me it means I am recognized for my hard work, and makes me feel like I can do anything and accomplish whatever I set my mind to. What means even more to me than the trophies, are the quilts. They are something I can keep forever – something I can tie memories to. I learned a skill through 4-H that I am good at and I want to do. 4-H gives us an opportunity to try new things without risk. I discovered I love quilting, so I will keep quilting, learn more techniques and teach others as well. 

Allie working on her quilt.

Gabrielle Sheppard, age 13, Adventure Central, Montgomery County 

From the application process to learning so much throughout the summer, the JET Program taught me a lot about what I need to know about the workforce. While working in the JET Program, I learned many new things and was presented with many opportunities, including being able to participate in this year’s Workforce Preparation Day. I worked with children ages eight through ten years old this summer during Adventure Central’s day camp program. I was responsible for lesson plans and a supply list every week. While working with my group I was able to improve on my 21st century skills, such as communication, patience, and taking initiative. Winning the competition this year (picture below), really showed me that hard work and determination pays off, and that whatever you put your mind to you can achieve. Chase Hamilton, Fairfield County, and Gabrielle Sheppard, Adventure Central, won Outstanding of the Day awards for Workforce Prep, Junior.


A special thanks to the many sponsors around the state for their donations that fund these special trophies!  Check out these sponsors and how to sponsor a trophy for 2020 on the Ohio 4-H Foundation website.