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4-H SPIN club bakes their way into the new year

A girl brushing egg wash on dinner rolls.

What started off as an idea to do some holiday baking as a virtual group activity, turned into the Yeast Bread SPIN Club. When Adams County 4-H volunteer Joy Bauman saw the Yeast Breads on the Rise project book included in the Perfect Stay-at-Home Projects list, she decided to create a SPIN club open to youth throughout Ohio. The club includes six Adams County youth and one youth from Franklin County.

Club members measuring ingredients.For their first meeting in December, the group connected via Zoom and learned how to make dinner rolls, studied various shaping techniques, and were taught how to accurately measure ingredients. Everyone left the meeting eager to make rolls for their families' holiday dinners.

The group also met with Brown County 4-H alumna Sherrill Cropper, who is the new product development lab manager at Lesaffre Corporation and Red Star Yeast. Club members preparing to make white bread.She taught members about differences in the types of yeast and flour available on the market, and she explained to them how these ingredients are used in different baking applications. She assisted the group with making a loaf of bread and gave them suggestions on how to improve dough mixing and kneading. She also provided insight on the importance of measuring liquid temperatures, and the value of watching proofing and baking times. Cropper and Red Star Yeast also donated yeast, thermometers, and other baking goods to the club members. 

Madee from Adams County joined the club because she loves baking and says making white bread has been her favorite. She enjoyed Cropper’s presentation becauseClub members kneading their dough. she learned so much about yeast and how to properly use it. Other club members say they are also enjoying baking, and one thing everyone can agree on is they love eating warm bread from the oven! 

The group will meet through the end of February and plans to make other baked goods including pizza dough, soft pretzels, and a garden herb loaf.