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Faces of Ohio 4-H

Each month we will highlight an alum from Ohio 4-H.  They have amazing stories to share, from their personal experience in 4-H to how they have given back to the program.  Check out this story from Jamie Egler.



Jamie demonstrating the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Jamie does many trainings for 4-Hers.


My story is like so many other people's story. I was extremely shy and insecure about myself as child. 4-H taught me how to have confidence in myself and my abilities. The leadership skills that I had learned as a youth in 4-H have carried though into my adult life. I use those skills every single day as part of a family owned fire protection and service agency. In the photo, I am demonstrating how to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher.



Jamie helps young 4-Hers with their first woodworking project.


I learned how to speak in front of groups as a youth in 4-H and now I train groups of people that equal 3000-4000 people a year in industrial/commercial/institutional/health care fire protection safety. 4-H has helped me to strengthen my ability to overcome what life has had to throw at me. As a 4-H advisor of 25 years, I am still learning from the youth in our 4-H program. In this photo I am helping a first year woodworking member.