State 4-H Leader Meet-and-Greet

Kirk meeting with 4-H constituents at a meet and greet in Williams County.

Dr. Kirk Bloir, the state 4-H leader, recently traveled to Williams County, where he got his start in 4-H. As Dr. Bloir settles into his new role, he wants to make visits to counties to hear from 4-H families and friends. This is the first of several visits that he will continue later this year.

Kirk visiting with his former advisor and 4-H agent.



Dr. Bloir also had the opportunity for a reunion with Bob Sachs (red and gray stripes), his retired 4-H agent and Junior Rath (green hat), his former 4-H advisor.

During the visit, Dr. Bloir met with individuals and shared his vision for Ohio 4-H. “For the next several years we will focus on creating the next generation of leaders,” he said. “We will ensure our 4-H youth have those necessary career and workforce skills they need to succeed, and we’ll expand the reach of Ohio 4-H, so even more youth have the opportunity to develop life skills.”

A group of people gathered talking. Two people shaking hands.