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Ohio 4-H Youth Development

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4-H members learn about healthy living

A woman doing the warrior pose.

For six weeks in January and February, 19 youth, ages 8–18 from across Ohio, were engaged in the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body SPIN club. Each week, presenters at this special interest club led an opening activity and introduced a healthy living tool such as journaling, meditation bottles, healthy eating, guided relaxations, and breathing techniques. Youth were challenged to try a healthy living tool on their own, such as finding photos that made them feel calm, creating musical skits accompanied by their favorite songs for relaxing, and inventing their own smoothie recipes. A young girl holding a bottle.

Participants also tried Yoga for Kids, where they practiced their poses for balance, stability, flexibility, and mindfulness, under the guidance of certified instructors. 

At the end of the program, members received a healthy living kit that included yoga cards, a water bottle, and a 4-H journal, along with other resources to assist them in using healthy living tools on their own. 

Members indicated they enjoyed practicing and learning new yoga moves, creating new smoothie recipes, and sharing them with their families. They learned being healthy is more than just about your outside appearance, but how you feel and take care of yourself physically and mentally.