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People of Ohio 4-H: Larry Rummell

Larry L. Rummell, 77
Franklin County, Ohio 4-H Alumnus

If Larry Rummell, a Franklin County 4-H alumnus, could pass on one piece of wisdom to current 4-H’ers, it would be to enjoy being a part of a team that is grounded in great values, teaches life skills, and gives memories that last a lifetime. The 4 H’s–head, heart, hands, and health are all needed to succeed in a variety of settings.

When looking back on his childhood, Larry says that he views competition as being a part of growing up. Over his five years active in the program, he submitted projects at the county and state levels with the help of his advisor, who also happened to be his father. This opened his eyes to what true skill and expertise can produce. 4-H also taught him to expect the unexpected and to be prepared for it.

His favorite 4-H memory taught him quite a few important lessons. His father advised him to practice leading his young heifer as much as possible before the Franklin County Fair. He thought four or  five times of walking his heifer was plenty of practice and they would be successful in the ring. When the morning of his class came he led the spooked bovine from her stall and headed to the ring. The closer they got, the more she rolled her eyes. There was loud music was playing, tent flaps were flapping, and lots of people were milling around. The judge entered the ring and it was the last straw. His Holstein took off, pulling him out of the tent one way, back through the ring, and out the other side at least twice! She finally stopped dragging him when the judging was finished. When the results were announced Larry placed second. It was a hard-won lesson for someone who was sure he’d place first.

Rummell continues to support Ohio 4-H as an alumnus. While living in Oregon, he continues to make donations and support his grandkids, who are current 4-H members.

Thanks Larry for your support of 4-H and sharing your story!

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