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Robotics 2: EV3N More

This second book in the Ohio 4-H robotics series guides youth through new robot configurations and programming challenges. General information about the Ohio 4-H program is on our robotics web page.

The files and videos on this page are for members and others taking the Robotics 2: EV3N More project.


It's been a great ride, EV3,
and we are sorry to see you go!

LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 has been discontinued, with a limited number of kits still available. Our related curriculum and videos will remain available as long as they are needed by 4-H members and others. 

This project uses the same software used to complete the first robotics book. In case you need it again, the software download that goes with this book is "retired" LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Lab Software v. 1.4.5:

Activity 1: Get a Grip




Activity 2: Data Driven Decisions




Activity 3: What Kind of a World Do We Live In?




Activity 4: We've Got Trouble




Activity 5: And More Trouble
Activity 6: Math-a-Mania




Activity 7: That Seems Logical