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2019 4-H Health Day at the Ohio State Fair

 Wednesday, July 24, 2019 from 8:30 to 4:00

Ohio 4-H Youth Development has several health related curriculum projects that youth select as an educational learning opportunity.  Annually, at the Ohio State Fair, 4-H members from across the state are interviewed and evaluated on their projects.  If you are a professional in a health related career who may enjoy volunteering with 4-H, we are looking for you to assist with this project evaluation. 

Judges will have an opportunity to conduct a 10 to 15 minute interview, offer positive feedback and constructive evaluation of the individual member's project.  At the end of the day award winners are chosen in each of the fourteen categories.  To provide the best experience for our youth members, this volunteer opportunity requires a full day of participation.

Please respond to this survey with indication of your availability.  If you judged 4-H Health Day in 2018 I will plan to have you with the same class in 2019.   I cannot always promise that I can put you with the class in your field of expertise but if you have a preference, let me know and I will try to move you around.  Please respond by May 15th.  After survey closing, I will confirm the class that you will be judging and a packet of information will follow several weeks before the fair.  We will provide you with Ohio State Fair admission tickets and parking passes for your visit to the fair.