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State Fair 4-H Project Guidebook

Look below for links to 4-H project judging at the Ohio State Fair.

Project Judging Schedule

Part 1 -- 2024 General Information

2024 Summary of Changes

General Livestock Information


Clothing Days

Clothing Score Sheet

Narration Card

Tuesday, July 30-Thursday, Aug. 1

Additional information: 

State Fair Clothing Award Application        

State 4-H Fashion Board Application 

Communications Day

Friday, Aug 2

Held in Rhodes Center Auditorium 
Companion Animal Day Friday, July 26

Creative Arts Day

Thursday, July 25

Dog Activities  

Family Life Day   

Child Development

Thursday, July 25 Held in Rhodes Center East Auditorium
Family Life Day Genealogy

Thursday, July 25

Family History Treasure Hunt Quiz Terms 

Food & Nutrition Days Tuesday, July 30 -Thursday, August 1 Food & Nutrition Portfolio Interest Areas 
Health Day Wednesday, July 24

Home Decorating & Design Day

Tuesday, July 30

Junior Fair Ag/Hort Show    
Junior Fair Horse Show  
Leadership Day

Sunday, July 28

Natural Resources Day Monday, July 29
Photography Day

Saturday, July 27

Held in Rhodes Center East Auditorium 
Quilt Day

Wednesday, July 24

Self-Determined Project Day Sunday, August 4
Shooting Sports Day 

Friday, August 2


STEM Day Saturday, July 27
Veterinary Science Day Friday, July 26

Welding Day

Friday, July 26

Held in the Ag Engineering Building at OSU Columbus 
Woodworking Day

Saturday, August 3

Woodworking Guidelines 

Workforce Preparation Day Wednesday, July 31