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From Clovers to Careers…

The Ohio 4-H alumni magazine, From Clovers to Careers…

The Ohio 4-H Foundation is excited to showcase the lifelong skills youth learn through 4-H in its inaugural alumni magazine. The publication features more than 30 4-H alumni who have careers in fields ranging from film and publishing to natural resources and agriculture.

Here is a preview of some of the alumni featured and examples of how 4-H helped get them where they are today:Strickler riding the sky lift across the midway at the Ohio State Fair.

“In addition to instilling a deep love and appreciation for agriculture, I became more outgoing, developed public speaking skills, and learned the importance of building and cultivating a network of friends and colleagues everywhere I go.”—Virgil Strickler, Fairfield County 4-H


“I learned how to see a project through from start to finish, and how to pace myself with an endeavor that took longer than just a few weeks. I am grateful for the lessons from my long-ago 4-H experiences every time I write a new book.”    —Margaret Peterson Haddix, FayetteScott dropping his son off for Summer Day Camp at Adventure Central. County 4-H


“Ohio 4-H taught me the basic principles of perseverance, community, leadership, and the skill of building positive relationships—all of which have assisted me in the success of my career.”—Jerome Scott, Adventure Central


“Most importantly, 4-H showed me the importance of trying new things. It’s easy to become stagnant in life, but with 4-H, there are always opportunities to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Even bad experiences can provide learning moments that help you understand yourself better.”—Andrew Seward, Knox County 4-HBeck-Aden working as a video streaming coordinator for the 2022 Winter Olympics.


“Through 4-H, I gained incredible, transferable skills that will enhance my ability to lead, communicate, set goals, and collaborate with teams. I will always be so appreciative to FilmFest 4-H for giving me the confidence, connections, and courage to pursue a career in the media production industry.”—Emmy Beck-Aden, Athens County 4-H


Continue reading From Clovers to Careers … on the Ohio 4-H Foundation website to learn more about the ways 4-H impacted the lives of alumni and how it led to their current careers. You can share your 4-H story by completing this survey. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in the next alumni magazine!