Welcome to the PhySBot Biowearable Learning Kit

This first-of-its-kind educational kit for youth provides 5th – 12th graders with everything needed to learn why tracking physical activity and fitness indicators are important to improving one’s overall health. The kit assembles in minutes and includes a PhysBot data tracker device, wristband, external heart rate monitor, 9V battery connector (battery not included) and user manual. Plus, the PhysBot homepage features a curriculum guide, proprietary software, and web support.

The PhysBot Data Tracker device is equipped with an Arduino microcontroller that serves as the brains connecting heart rate, steps traveled, and temperature sensors to the tracker’s circuitry. Users monitor sensor activity with the tracker’s exclusive LED display providing an enhanced data tracking experience. Data transmitted from the sensors to the Arduino processor is stored, processed, and transmitted to a Mac or Windows computer via a detachable 2-meter USB cable.

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PhysBot Product Features

Exposed Circuitry: Designed to demystify the components that make up a fitness tracker.

Compass: Utilizes a magnetometer built into a 9-axis sensor to determine the direction of magnetic north.

Step Counter: Utilizes an accelerometer built into a 9-axis sensor to count steps. 

Heart Rate Monitor: Measures differences in reflected light through the skin as pulse.   

Temperature Sensor: Acquired from the device's 9-axis sensor.  

Calendar/Date/Time: Uses a special frequency crystal (32.768kHz) to keep real time as long as power remains connected.

Data Logging: Stores up to 1MB of data to flash memory, which is about 8 hours of data with a logging interval of 1 second.

Proprietary Software: Designed for Windows and Mac systems. Allows users to track data.

PhysBot Data Tracker - Available Soon!

  • PhysBot Teacher’s Guide 

  • PhysBot (2.0.2) software download for Mac and Windows:

  • PhysBot Software Install Guide - (Coming soon)

Quick Tips:

  1. Always clear the data log on your device before collecting fresh data. 
  2. Before syncing, always turn off the data logging function on your PhysBot device.
  3. Always start on the PhysBot software homepage before syncing your device.
  4. If your device becomes damaged or inoperable, return it to Tiny Circuits for repairs at 540 S. Main St. #457, Akron, OH 44311.
  5. Extend your PhysBot experience by adding a lightweight lithium battery from Tiny Circuits at This thin compact battery easily Velcro’s to the outside of your band. Plus, it’s rechargeable. 

Please note that all sales are final—no returns or exchanges unless your order is incorrect, incomplete, or arrives damaged.