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Three young people building what looks to be a robot with a laptop open nearby.


Welcome to Ohio 4-H Robotics!

You’ve chosen a fun and challenging project that puts you on the exciting path of robotics engineering! Ohio 4-H offers a flexible project book, Robotics Essentials, that allows learners to choose from two educational robotics kits: LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime or VEX® IQ. Both feature snap-together parts, visual drag-and-drop programming, and competition opportunities outside of 4-H.  After the initial investment, both kits can be used for many years, including years of 4-H projects.

Youth who take this project need access to high-speed internet and a computer.

LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime

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Introducing . . . LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime! LEGO® continues to adapt its robotics education materials to new technology. SPIKE incorporates Scratch coding blocks, which means that even more than before, youth who take the project learn readily transferable skills. The SPIKE Prime kit, a special bundle from LEGO Education, is the kit that goes with this project, not the less expensive "Essential" kit.

The SPIKE Prime kit includes everything needed for the project and then some: the kit with motors, sensors, and Bluetooth technology; software; rechargeable battery; storage bin; and live support. The set includes over 500 LEGO® building pieces, 2 medium motors, 1 large motor, a force sensor, distance sensor, color sensor, and a Hub. Be careful! Some retail kits do NOT include all the same parts.

Have a question or need help with your kit purchased from LEGO® Education? FREE technical support is available by calling 866-349-5346.

Still want to use a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit?
More info, videos, and other resources are here.


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Where to Buy

We're excited to offer the option of VEX® IQ, a complete kit with plastic, snap-together pieces specifically designed to build highly functional robots. This system doesn’t require any prior knowledge in robotics. Students can easily build their first robot, and the wide variety of additional parts means that they can build anything they imagine as they continue to learn. Every kit includes a hand tool to make assembly and disassembly easy for small hands. In addition to organized storage for more than 750 parts, VEX® IQ includes the robot brain, robot battery, controller, optical sensor, distance sensor, touch LED, bumper, and four smart motors. You can buy direct from VEX® Robotics or wherever you find a VEX® IQ Education Kit (2nd generation) set (SKU 22808899).​

Have a question or need help with your kit purchased from VEX® Robotics? FREE technical support is available by calling 833-297-6268 or emailing

If you're a robotics master . . .

Members who have completed these projects and who want to continue the fun are encouraged to design their own self-determined robotics projects with the Robotics Master.

Looking for a club?

To see if there is an active robotics group in your area, please check with your local county Extension office. A complete list of offices is available here.