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Robotics with LEGO SPIKE Prime

cover of Robotics Essentials project bookWelcome! The materials and videos on this page support the Robotics Essentials project when it's done with LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime. Let's get started!

Activity 2: Robots for Work and Fun

Watch industrial robots complete their programmed activities.

Video: Robots in Manufacturing


Video: Robots in Healthcare


Video: Introduction to LEGO® SPIKE® Prime


Activity 3: What's What

PDF: Element Overview


Activity 4: If I Only Had a Brain

Software: Download the LEGO SPIKE Prime app here.

Custom Video: The Light Matrix
This easy programming step is the first of many more to come. The light matrix on your LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime robot’s hub is useful and fun.


Custom Video: File Management
Stay organized so you can easily find the programs you have written.


Activity 5: Start with Something Simple

Now you get to build! Use the first three resources below to build the LEGO SPIKE Prime driving base. As a final step, update your robot's firmware so you have the latest and greatest version.   

PDF: Driving Base Building Instructions

Suggested Video: Driving Base Building Instructions by 4th Dimension #6429 (30 minutes)

Suggested Video: Basic Driving Module Building Instructions by 3B Roboskool (2 minutes)

Web page: How to install and update the LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime app and hub operating system

Activity 6: One Step at a Time

1. The programs in these videos are demonstrated in Virtual SPIKE Prime. Your programs are instead downloaded to your actual SPIKE Prime robot's hub.
2. The robots in these videos may be different from your robot. That's okay. The programs are the same.
3. To avoid damaging your SPIKE Prime robot, always run it on the floor.

Custom Video: Move Forward
Onward! Start your programming adventure by—what else?—moving forward.


Custom Video: Move Backward
Programming your robot to move backward is just as easy as programming it to move forward. You’ll see. It’s one click away!


Custom Video: Turn
Your LEGO SPIKE Prime robot can turn left, right, and in circles. This video explains how.


Activity 7: Building Blocks

Custom Video: LEGO SPIKE Prime Programming Overview
You know about some Move blocks in LEGO SPIKE Prime, but there’s so much more!


Custom Video: More Move Blocks
You will have complete control when you learn more about all the move blocks.


Custom Video: Types of Turns
Spinning or pivoting, it’s all about turning.


Activity 8: Sensors Galore

Video: Explore Spike Prime Sensors

PDF: Build Instructions for Force and Distance Sensors

PDF: Build Instructions for Color Sensor

Activity 9: Be Sensible

Custom Video: The Force (or Touch) Sensor
Get started with sensors by programming the force sensor.


Custom Video: The Distance Sensor
The distance sensor uses sound waves —and your excellent programming—to give your robot amazing capabilities.


Custom Video: The Color Sensor
The color sensor sees eight colors, any one of which can be part of your program.


Activity 10: Two Sensors Are Better Than One

Custom Video: Color Plus Distance
Your project ends with a classic robot move: programming your robot to follow a black line.


Want a printed line for your robot to follow? Here's one!