Self-Determined Projects and Idea Starters

Self-Determined Projects

If you're a 4-H member with a great project idea of your own or someone who's ready to go beyond a current project book, consider doing a self-determined project. Use the Self-Determined Project Guide to describe your project, set goals, and record your activities.

Prefer to type? Download and save this Self-Determined Project Guide fillable form.

Self-Determined projects may be repeated if new areas of interest, learning experiences, and leadership/citizenship activities are selected. Don't forget, a completed Self-Determined Project Guide is required for each self-determined project.

Not sure what topic to explore? You can get some great ideas by reviewing the Idea Starters below.

Idea Starters

Each Idea Starter is written as an open invitation to explore a new or innovative topic as a self-determined project. This growing list of idea Starters provides a timely and exciting variety of non-traditional 4-H topics. There is something for everyone! Don't forget, every Idea Starter must be used with the Self-Determined Project Guide.

* New or revised in 2020.

To suggest a topic or even write your own, please contact Jane Wright. More information about writing your own is included in Writing an Idea Starter.