Statewide Programs

4-H Science 

4-H Science is everywhere! From animal science to woodworking projects, science, technology, engineering and math are part of 4-H projects, School Enrichment programs and club activities. Check this page often for upcoming 4-H Science events, resources and opportunities.

Animal Sciences

Information and links to OSU, 4-H Animal Sciences Programs. News and Events for all of your projects. Entries, regulations and results for events. Plus tools for adults and volunteers. Past events/results may be found on species calendar of events pages.

Assuring Quality Care for Animals

Assuring Quality Care for Animals teaches 4-H youth how to use best practices that suport the production of quality and safe animal products for consumers, as well as responsible animal handling, care and welfare in not only farm animal production, but also with companion and performance animals.


Engineering is your one stop site for questions, comments and ideas regarding Ohio 4-H Engineering Contests, the Ohio State Fair, and the National 4-H Engineering Challenge.

International Program

In hopes of building cultural understanding and promoting international relations, Ohio 4-H provides opportunities for youth to travel to other countries and for families to host young people from around the world. In this global community, many are finding it essential to reach out, open communication, and build understanding. Participating in these programs is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, languages, countries, and people, and to learn about your own culture as well.

Ohio Military Kids

OMK is a collaborative effort to provide support to children and youth impacted by deployment. Our joint efforts intend to develop a sense of support from their communities and enhance the well-being of military familes

Real Money, Real World

Real Money, Real World is an active, hands-on experience that gives young people the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults.

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports teachs life skills to 4-H youth through the shooting sports curriculum and activities that will enable boys and girls to reach fullest potential as capable, caring and contributing citizens.

Workforce Development

Ohio 4-H believes that everything we do helps prepare youth for life and the workforce. The opportunities and experiences 4-H offers are ideal for demonstrating the 21st century skills employers need, and our wide range of projects cover just about everycareer option available.