Robotics 1 with EV3

In this exciting first-time robotics project, youth use the newest LEGO technology to learn what a robot is, how to build one, and how to program. General information about the Ohio 4-H program is on our robotics web page. These files and videos are for members and others taking the Robotics 1 with EV3 project.



It's been a great ride, EV3,
and we are sorry to see you go!

LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 has been discontinued, with a limited number of kits still avaiable. Our related curriculum and videos will remain available as long as they are needed by 4-H members and others. Stay tuned for SPIKE, the next generation of LEGO® Education programming materials.

Activity 2: EV3 Sorting Guide
Activity 3: If I Only Had a Brain
Activity 4: Start with Something Simple



Activity 4: Building Instructions: Driving Base


Activity 5: Let’s Get a Move On
Activity 6: One Step at a Time
Activity 7: Building Instructions: Touch Sensor—Driving Base


Activity 8: I’ve Got a Feeling
Activity 9: Building Instructions: Color Sensor Down—Driving Base
Activity 9: Do You See What I See?
Activity 9: Print a Line


Activity 10: Building Instructions: Color Sensor Forward—Driving Base


Activity 10: Building Instructions: Cuboid


Activity 10: All the Pretty Colors
Activity 11: Two Sensors Are Better Than One