Robotics 2: EV3N More

This second book in the Ohio 4-H robotics series guides youth through new robot configurations and programming challenges. General information about the Ohio 4-H program is on our robotics web page. These files and videos are for members and others taking the Robotics 2: EV3N More project.


It's been a great ride, EV3,
and we are sorry to see you go!

LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 has been discontinued, with a limited number of kits still available. Our related curriculum and videos will remain available as long as they are needed by 4-H members and others. Stay tuned for SPIKE, the next generation of LEGO® Education programming materials.

Activity 1: Get a Grip




Activity 2: Data Driven Decisions




Activity 3: What Kind of a World Do We Live In?




Activity 4: We've Got Trouble




Activity 5: And More Trouble
Activity 6: Math-a-Mania




Activity 7: That Seems Logical